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Tuesday 20th March 2018 - 07:12
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LG Bedding Cleaner hunts down dust mites in bedding

Posted : 26/03/2015
New technologies - Food/Health
To remove difficult-to-dislodge dust mites from bedding, LG has designed the Bedding Cleaner vacuum cleaner. With its double filter and U.V lamp, it filters the air in beds, cushions and mattresses whilst removing germs and dust mites.

Plus Size : the large size collection by Calvin Klein

Posted : 25/03/2015
New Products
Going away from fashion standards, the clothing brand, Calvin Klein has launched its Plus Size line, with sizes from 44 to 54. With relatively few products for the moment, the collection includes mainly dresses and tops.

Meccano Home : furniture to assemble like a construction game

Posted : 17/03/2015
New Products
The iconic construction game brand, Meccano has renewed itself and adapted to 'big people'. Modular and assembled in no time, Meccano Home furniture will take adults back to childhood.

Undiz Machine propels its underwear in capsules

Posted : 16/03/2015
Baptised Undiz Machine, the new store concept by the saucy lingerie brand lets clients chose a product on the connected terminal. It then arrives, propelled in a capsule, through the store in transparent tubes.

Mattel’s new doll, nicknamed “Stasi Barbie”

Posted : 10/03/2015
New technologies - Leisures
Recently presented in Germany, the prototype of the future Hello Barbie is already controversial. Nicknamed “Stasi Barbie”, Mattel’s new connected doll could soon know more about children than their own parents.

Fair Squared: fair trade condoms

Posted : 06/03/2015
Leisures - Way of consumption
Offering eco-responsible, animal friendly, fair trade products, Fair Squared is a brand of condoms, lubricants, massage oils and personal hygiene products.

#tampontax : soon 5.5% VAT on sanitary protection ?

Posted : 04/03/2015
Way of consumption
From London to Canberra, passing by Paris and Ottawa, consumer associations have begun protest campaigns to reduce the tax applied to sanitary towels, tampons, menstrual cups and other sanitary protection.

Beauty salon style waxing with Veet Spawax

Posted : 03/03/2015
With Spawax, Veet wants to bring the beauty salon experience to its customers' homes. By melting and keeping wax at the ideal temperature, the machine lets you carry out stripless waxing.

For its spring/summer collection, Aigle works with Paul & Joe

Posted : 27/02/2015
New Products
For the warmer season, the rubber specialist, Aigle has worked with the fashion house, Paul & Joe, for a colourful capsule collection, in which boots, shirts, dresses and other ready-to-wear items are covered with flowers.

Carlsberg will soon put its beer into 100% biodegradable bottles

Posted : 25/02/2015
New Products - Way of consumption
Having worked on this project for 3 years, the Danish beer brand, Carlsberg recently presented its future bottles and capsules. Made from sustainable wood fibres, the Green Fiber Bottles should be 100% biodegradable.
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