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The EU action plan to reform organic farming

Posted : 04/06/2014
Food/Health - Way of consumption
Last March, the European Commission adopted a new action plan for organic farming, with the main components being reinforced traceability and the opening of the market to small producers.

SCiO" : scan foods to know their composition

Posted : 28/05/2014
New technologies - Food/Health
The Israelian Company, Consumer Physics, has just launched a financing campaign for its "SCiO" project. This small spectrometer lets consumers scan different products and detect their molecular composition.

Microsoft: the Xbox One available without Kinect at £349.99

Posted : 19/05/2014
The war between Microsoft and Sony continues in the home consoles market. With sales struggling to catch up those of its competitor, Microsoft has just reduced the price of its Xbox One to £349.99, by offering a version without Kinect.

Decipher babies' crying with "Cry Translator"

Posted : 07/05/2014
New technologies - New Products
A baby has only one way of communicating his or her needs: crying. The "Cry Translator" application and baby phone from Biloop takes care of translating them for young, despairing parents.

"JumpFromPaper" gives life to handbags in 2D

Posted : 28/04/2014
New Products
Created by the Taiwanese designer duo, Chay Su and Rika Lin, the handbag brand, "JumpFromPaper" is based on a surprising concept. Whilst they look like 2D cartoons, they can carry books, tablet computers and other treasures.

Barbell Apparel: jeans designed for unrestricted movement

Posted : 28/04/2014
New Products
Infuriated by the limited availability of jeans in stores, four sportsmen launched the brand, "Barbell Apparel". Designed for unrestricted movement whilst remaining stylish, the trouser range was created from hybrid stretch denim.

Palcohol: strong alcohol in powder form soon on sale in the USA?

Posted : 28/04/2014
New Products - Way of consumption
Transforming water into vodka or rum is not a miracle with the "Palcohol" powders from "Lipsmark" soon to be sold in the USA. Another company, Pat's Backcountry Beverages sells beer in sachets.

Micronutris and Ento: insects from snack to diner

Posted : 24/04/2014
Way of consumption - Food/Health
Seen as the future in world food, edible insects are being transformed for the more reticent. While Micronutris raises them and produces chocolates, crackers and biscuits, Ento is going for innovative restaurants.

Lush Kitchen: fresh cosmetics, hand made to order

Posted : 16/04/2014
New Products
Standing out with their natural, hand-made products, the English brand, Lush, opens up a new concept with "Lush Kitchen". Every day, "cooks" offer different products made and sent off on the same day.

A cupcake vending machine installed in New York

Posted : 04/04/2014
The cake chain, Sprinkles Cupcakes, has just opened its sixth cupcake vending machine in New York. Having introduced the concept in 2005, the brand offers smaller queues and cakes any time of day.
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