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Slimming mirrors in stores: from myth to reality

Posted : 09/12/2014
Way of consumption
Will ready-to-wear clothing retailers install slimming mirrors to incite purchases? Whilst some are asking the question, The Skinny Mirror removes all doubts with its range of mirrors that remove up to 4.5 kilos from your reflection.

Budsies: transform your child's artwork into a real cuddly toy

Posted : 28/11/2014
What can you do with your child's artwork that collects on the fridge door before being stored in a box? The American start-up, Budsies, brings them to life by transforming them into real cuddly toys.

Foodlogica delivers local products by electric scooter

Posted : 24/11/2014
Way of consumption - Food/Health - Energy/Transport
Specialised in professional deliveries without CO2 emissions, the Cities Fundation deploys its Foodlogica project and its scooters in Amsterdam. Able to transport up to 300 kilos of local products, these bicycles use green electricity.

Beyond Meat: meat made from plants

Posted : 18/11/2014
Food/Health - Way of consumption
Following in the footsteps of in vitro steak created in 2013, the company Beyond Meat makes meat substitutes. Whilst products in the range have a similar taste and texture to chicken or beef, they are entirely made of plants.

Minipresso: the transportable mini expresso machine

Posted : 12/11/2014
Borrowing its shape from the thermos and its operation from a piston coffee maker, Minipresso is an expresso machine that you can take everywhere. All it needs are hot water, ground coffee or a capsule, and a bit of effort.

Casa del Agua puts purified rainwater into bottles

Posted : 12/11/2014
Food/Health - Way of consumption
At a time when blue gold is already a challenge for many countries, the Casa del Agua bar collects, distills, purifies and re-mineralises Mexico rainwater, in front of the client. Served and sold, it retails at 40 dollars for a 600mL bottle.

Are Coca-Cola and Pepsi serious about lowering sugar levels?

Posted : 07/11/2014
Several soft drink producers, including Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, have signed agreements in France and the USA, committing to reducing the amount of calories and sugar in their drinks, over the next few years.

Nestlé hires 1,000 robots to sell its coffee machines

Posted : 06/11/2014
Way of consumption - New technologies
Before the end of 2015, Nestlé Japan plans to install humanoid robots, named Pepper, in its stores. Capable of understanding and interacting with humans, they advise clients on the brand's products and coffee machines.

Longboardstroller: the skateboard pushchair by Quinny

Posted : 05/11/2014
New Products - Energy/Transport
Fans of skateboarding will soon be able to share the pleasure of gliding with their children, from an early age. The Longboardstroller - a stroller at the front of a skateboard - will soon be on sale by the brand, Quinny.

Under pressure, Lego terminates its partnership with Shell

Posted : 03/11/2014
Way of consumption - Leisures
With Shell planning future oil drilling in Alaska, Greenpeace mobilised more than 6 million people to take toys sold by Lego and branded with the Shell logo off the market. The company announced the termination of its contract with the oil company.
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