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Saturday 21st October 2017 - 01:22
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Ioma Factory: customised cosmetics made in store

Posted : 18/02/2014
New Products - New technologies
Specialised in beauty diagnostics using skin measurements, the cosmetic brand, Ioma, will soon launch a new concept. Ioma Factory will let you create a customised day and night cream, from your beauty diagnosis.

Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop: a tweet for a designer perfume

Posted : 14/02/2014
New Products - Shop
During the next New York Fashion Week, the designer, Marc Jacobs, is opening a pop-up store called Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop. Inside, purchases can be paid for by posting a message on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Coca-Cola: The words "gay" and "lesbian" banned from cans

Posted : 07/02/2014
Way of consumption - Food/Health
You can share a Coca-Cola with your family. But customising your can with the words "gay" or "lesbian" is forbidden by the American giant, and produces an error message on the dedicated "Share a Coke" website.

Benefit cosmetics in vending machines

Posted : 07/02/2014
Way of consumption - Shop
To find its customers where they least expect it, the American cosmetic brand, Benefit, is installing vending machines developed by ZoomSystems. In the shape of pink buses, they contain the brand's best sellers.

Berlin: gastronomic cuisine for cats and dogs

Posted : 06/02/2014
Way of consumption - Shop - Food/Health
Berlin has just welcomed the first luxury grocery store exclusively for cats and dogs, with ready meals, grilled meat and small cakes. Newly arrived in Germany, this concept is now being developed in the United States.

Yellow Jacket: transform your smartphone shell into a taser

Posted : 05/02/2014
New Products
You can now transform your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy into a taser with the new protective shell developed by Yellow Jacket. Another feature of this defensive arm: it can also be used as an emergency battery for the telephone.

French Wine: from Fifty Shades of Grey to cola-flavoured red wine

Posted : 10/10/2013
New Products
Spin-off products from the Fifty Shades of Grey saga don't stop with the film adaptation. Indeed, two bottles of French wine are now on sale in the USA. And in France, a wine producer has created a cola-flavoured wine.

Blizzident: clean your teeth in 6 seconds with a custom-made toothbrush

Posted : 09/10/2013
The Blizzident Company has just launched a toothbrush, tailored to the form of each customer's teeth. Similar to a boxer's gum shield, with around 400 bristles, the Blizzident cleans teeth, tongue and gums in 6 seconds.

4% of people vacuum in the nude

Posted : 07/10/2013
Way of consumption
A study ordered by Electrolux reveals the habits of 28,000 people in 23 different countries. Whereas the Koreans and Japanese are the fastest at vacuuming, the Norwegians win the prize for the lightest outfits.

The acquisition of BlackBerry with 4500 people losing their jobs

Posted : 04/10/2013
New technologies
After severe revenue losses, a minority shareholder offers to buy BlackBerry for 4.7 billion dollars, avoiding conflicts of interest. The end of consumer telephones also marks the dismissal of 4500 employees.
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