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Monday 22nd July 2019 - 01:30
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Shops > News > First Irish shop for US retailer's Anthropologie in Belfast

First Irish shop for US retailer's Anthropologie in Belfast

Posted : 08/07/2019 - Shop

If you are a lover of chic, style and elegance than you will love the Anthropologies stores. This brand of stores created to fit that woman who finds it hard to find what she would wear or want to reflect in a world full of trends.

Anthropologies stores

When you shop at Anthropologie, it’s like walking yourself through a series of adventures self-reflection. Anthropologies are like no other retailer shops in the US. They even have their success stories and customer testimonials to speak for them. Whether you want to shop for house décor, or that stylish dress, at Anthropologies your needs is sorted. Their main priority is customer satisfaction. That is why they work tirelessly to be the best retailer shop not just in the US but other places where they run.

Choice of products and location

Each of their products; clothes, accessories, intimates, décor, beauty products and so on, are meant for every kind of woman out there. Whether you want cool, easy, soft and delicate, elegant and classic or simply modern and spotty. Everything you need to make you, you are all in Anthropologie shop. Plus, you don’t have to figure out where the store is. This is because it has over 200 outlets all across the globe just to your reach. Here comes the icing on the cake, for lovers of beautiful things in the UK Anthropologies have got you covered.

Why a store in Belfast?

If you love shopping, then you have to know this. Anthropologies are opening up their first of this kind in Ireland at Belfast. Isn’t that just great, Why Belfast? 

The place is known for its style and love of great things and fashion. People from the UK are known to be lovers of style and elegance especially when it comes to dressing and home decor. Dating from way back, they have been known to be fashion minded especially when it comes to what brings out their inner selves. That is why Anthropologies felt that it should open its first Irish shop in Belfast. The shop will be like no other. Their product has a touch of French twist that makes one want to shop every other time. 

They make sure to provide something unique for every shopper in Belfast and its surroundings. Make sure not to miss out on their opening dates which will be on august. The retailer brand will move into the Erskine building where their shop will be located. Most people living in Belfast are eagerly waiting for their opening. To them anthropologies will be adding flavor to their distinct kind of fashion and touch. Make sure to get yourself something from its shop and you will be running back for more.

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