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Monday 24th June 2019 - 21:36
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Shops > News > Shoe Shop Russel & Bromley is Closing on Westover Road

Shoe Shop Russel & Bromley is Closing on Westover Road

Posted : 08/10/2018 - Shop

Westover Road has long been known as the Bond Street of Bournemouth, thanks to its array of upmarket retailers.

Since the 1960's this range of high-class stores has included the popular shoe store Russell & Bromley but a decline in sales has now forced this retailer to announce that this branch will be closing. This has come as a huge blow to the popular street which has in recent years seen many retail giants pack up and leave. 


In their announcement, Russell & Bromley confirmed that it had been a difficult decision but that a decrease in turnover had left them with no choice but to close the store. It seems that this reduction in sales had been a concern for a few years and with other retailers closing too, it could be argued that action needs to be taken to encourage shoppers back to Westover Road. 

Improving Westover Road 

Westover Road is beginning to look run down, and this latest closure certainly won't help. New businesses need to be encouraged into the area, but this is often difficult to do when other retailers are closing. It seems that many empty shops at the town end of Westover Road have stood vacant for a number of months, whilst agents are trying their best to sell them. Some have pointed out that the rents are extremely high and that it might be this that is putting off potential retailers and that this could have also been a factor in pushing out other existing retailers such as Russell & Bromley. 

Car Parking Charges 

Car parking charges are another area of concern that has been raised by many trying to pinpoint the reasons for the decrease in footfall on Westover Road. Indeed, these charges have recently been raised by the local council and many think that this might be pushing shoppers away to out of town retail outlets such as Castlepoint Shopping Centre. One thing is for sure, the loss of Russell & Bromley will certainly be felt amongst shoe lovers in Bournemouth. 

Where to go for other Russell & Bromley Stores 

The closure of the Russell & Bromley store on Westover Road means that fans of the upmarket shoe brand will have to travel further in order to satisfy their shoe desires. The nearest stores for those living in or near Bournemouth will now be in Southampton or Winchester, although shoppers can also browse their full range of shoes online.

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