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Yellow Jacket: transform your smartphone shell into a taser

Posted : 05/02/2014
New Products
You can now transform your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy into a taser with the new protective shell developed by Yellow Jacket. Another feature of this defensive arm: it can also be used as an emergency battery for the telephone.

French Wine: from Fifty Shades of Grey to cola-flavoured red wine

Posted : 10/10/2013
New Products
Spin-off products from the Fifty Shades of Grey saga don't stop with the film adaptation. Indeed, two bottles of French wine are now on sale in the USA. And in France, a wine producer has created a cola-flavoured wine.

Blizzident: clean your teeth in 6 seconds with a custom-made toothbrush

Posted : 09/10/2013
The Blizzident Company has just launched a toothbrush, tailored to the form of each customer's teeth. Similar to a boxer's gum shield, with around 400 bristles, the Blizzident cleans teeth, tongue and gums in 6 seconds.

4% of people vacuum in the nude

Posted : 07/10/2013
Way of consumption
A study ordered by Electrolux reveals the habits of 28,000 people in 23 different countries. Whereas the Koreans and Japanese are the fastest at vacuuming, the Norwegians win the prize for the lightest outfits.

The acquisition of BlackBerry with 4500 people losing their jobs

Posted : 04/10/2013
New technologies
After severe revenue losses, a minority shareholder offers to buy BlackBerry for 4.7 billion dollars, avoiding conflicts of interest. The end of consumer telephones also marks the dismissal of 4500 employees.

Tether: clean your wine glasses in a dishwasher without breaking them

Posted : 02/10/2013
Cleaning wine glasses in a dishwasher is a challenge which many people fail. To pass this test without getting his hands wet, the American Gary Rose, has invented the Tether, to stabilise them in the machine.

The components and assembly of the iPhone 5S cost Apple 199 dollars

Posted : 02/10/2013
At the launch of each Apple iPhone, the research and consulting firm, IHS Inc, dismantles the new devices to estimate their cost. For the latest phone in the range, the cost amounts to between 166 and 218 dollars.

USA: Starbucks ends the carrying of firearms in its cafés

Posted : 25/09/2013
Way of consumption
In the USA, the carrying of firearms is at the centre of debates, particularly since the recent shootings. The director of Starbucks, at the heart of the controversy, has just announced the prohibition in an open letter.

GTA V earns 800 million dollars in revenue in 24 hours

Posted : 24/09/2013
Like its predecessors, the new Rockstar game sold at a tremendous speed. With 800 million dollars earned in only 24 hours, sales of GTA V break the records for the video game and cinema industries.

Microsoft buys iPads and mocks competitors in its publicity campaign

Posted : 24/09/2013
New technologies - Telephony
In the race to conquer the tablet and smartphone market, anything goes. Microsoft has openly mocked competitors Samsung and Apple in its new advertisements and buys American iPads in return for vouchers.
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