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Sunday 21st April 2019 - 10:29
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Shops > News > Wimpy In The intu Broadmarsh Centre Nottingham Will Be Closing

Wimpy In The intu Broadmarsh Centre Nottingham Will Be Closing

Posted : 01/02/2019 - Food/Health - Shop

For over 40 years patrons and visitors from far and wide have embraced this fine burger chain with open arms. But for now, those arms will have to search elsewhere for that familiar wholesome goodness.

The closing of Wimpy restaurant in Broadmarsh will be considered a shame for many of the loyal customers who frequented the famous fast food joint for years and years. 

Will This Be The End For Wimpy Restaurant In Broadmarsh Centre ?

Franchisee owner Akram Malik has been forced to shut down operations in light of construction and redevelopment that is underway at the busy intu Broadmarsh Centre. However, despite these setbacks, Malik has good reason to believe that the beloved fast food chain will return at a later date, following redevelopment. 

The History And Background Of Wimpy

While the brand has since moved its headquarters to Johannesburg, South Africa, its journey began in 1934 in the small town of Bloomington, Indiana USA. Since then, Wimpy spread out and gained popularity in the Chicago, Illinois area before branching out overseas. Wimpy restaurant officially opened up in the UK in 1954 on Coventry Street, London. In 1975, it opened in the intu Broadmarsh Centre, and has been run by the same manager, Akram Malik, since 1983, quite a run indeed! 

The Wimpy Way

Wimpy knows exactly how to accommodate both fast food and fine-dining elements. People say they’ll miss the hot food served on plates, marvelous service, and hospitality that you just can’t find at many other burger places. While the store may be closing in intu Broadmarsh Centre, the spirit of this delightful chain remains alive and well as it continues to serve the international community and beyond! People from places all over the UK have stories about coming back to the intu Broadmarsh Centre after years of being away, and to their dismay, the Wimpy still stands! Sadly, the iconic symbol of delicious, reliable fast food will be gone, but fortunately, it may return in due time.

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