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Vinyl Outlets in London to satisfy Diggers Delight

Posted : 05/01/2018 - Shop

Music has often taken influences from the past and now this retro trend has been extended to how to listen to music with an unexpected upsurge in the popularity of vinyl records.

Aficionados of vinyl have become known as Diggers due to their determination to dig through crates of old records to find the one gem they want. The desire for vinyl in the London area has seen a group of different outlets spring up which specialise in vinyl records and are a definite Diggers delight.

The Best Vinyl Outlets for Diggers Delight in London

You can't go wrong if you head for Lucky 7 in Stoke Newington where the back rooms are piled high with crates of records that are all priced at under £1 and you can pass hours sorting through in a haze of diggers delight. If you value quality over quantity then a trip to Zen records in Seven Sisters, Tottenham may be your choice. It's a wonderful place to chat and discuss your vintage record picks.

Or if you want to try your luck digging where the local DJs go then Eldica in Dalston could be your place particularly if you are into Latin beats. If your diggers delight is fulfilled by finding records from more obscure genres then heading to The Book & Record Bar, an outlet in West Norwood, is definitely recommended with a large selection of jazz, folk and psych available.

Soul Brothers Records in Putney, Alan's Records in East Finchley and Wood Street Market in Walthamstow are also worth a visit. If you want to see an outlet though which looks like it has been designed by a vinyl record hoarder, then head for Palmers Green in North London and try your luck at the Record Detective Agency. The unsorted dusty boxes always offer the promise of finding a vinyl rarity if you dig deeply enough.

Growth Of Vinyl And Independent Outlets

The number of Independent record shops in the UK is at a five year high and a lot of this growth can be attributed to the increase in vinyl sales. The fact that a number of new releases are being released in this format now could be seen as an indicator that the vinyl trend is here to stay. Diggers delight may become a lasting phenomenon with even record sales now advertised under this heading.

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