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Friday 19th July 2019 - 11:05
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Jar to Open Zero Waste Store in Plymouth

Posted : 19/06/2019 - Shop

The UK’s Ocean City of Plymouth is set to get its first zero waste store following a successful fundraising campaign. Jar have confirmed the store will go ahead soon after 276 people backed their fundraising efforts, raising £23,000 in just 28 days.

This was £3,000 more than the target Jar had set, showing the desire for a more sustainable way to shop. Over one thousand people responded positively to a survey originally conducted to sound out the idea of a waste free shop and an announcement on where the store will be located within Plymouth should be forthcoming very soon.

A Demand for Zero Waste Shopping

The people behind opening Jar in Plymouth are Helen Hubbard and her sister Caroline. Two years ago the Devon town of Totnes saw the first zero waste store open in the UK, and Jar are confident there is sufficient demand in the City of Plymouth to make their store a success. A zero waste shop involves minimising packaging, with customers bringing their own reusable containers to take home the quantity of a product they require, not a pre-packaged amount. The cost of your shop is based on the weight of the produce in your containers.

Local Produce

Jar will stock a wide selection of food items and household goods. These will include fresh fruit and vegetables, store cupboard food items, herbs, cleaning refills and a range of zero waste home products. An emphasis will be placed on local produce and locally made products, helping to reduce the impact on the environment from transportation. By focussing on local goods where possible Jar will hope to help other local businesses succeed and make themselves more sustainable in the production and packaging of the goods they sell. Jar will also be sourcing ethical and cruelty free products too.

Plastic Free

Plymouth has been recognised by campaigners Surfers Against Sewage, awarding them Plastic Free Community Status. It is recognition of the city’s efforts to reduce single plastic use and plastic pollution, so much of which currently ends up in the world’s oceans. Jar opening the city’s first zero waste store will provide residents a further chance to reduce plastic and packaging waste, along with food waste too. The owners will look to run workshops once the store opens about the importance of zero waste shopping and to demonstrate how to use and cook with products from the store.

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