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Sunday 22nd April 2018 - 03:06
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Shops > News > Bottletop build a 3D future with the world's first 3D printed store

Bottletop build a 3D future with the world's first 3D printed store

Posted : 10/01/2018 - Shop

3D printers may be out of the price range of most people but it is now possible to visit the world's first ever store that has been completely 3D printed.


Located in the prime retail larea of Regent Street in London, Bottletop is unique because the interior of the store was completely 3D printed. The company used 5000 can and 60,000 recycled plastic bottles to create the design. Bottletop have a strong interest in the environment and use sustainable materials in all of their products. The 3D printed design in their flagship store is a repeated pattern which flows across the ceiling and down each of the walls. It was partly inspired by the work of British artist Rachel Whiteread and her visualisation of negative space.

To create an all encompassing environment, Bottletop have also commissioned a scent from well known perfumer Timothy Han plus a series of music playlists from renowned music producer Mario C. Company co-founder Cameron Saul stated that they were looking to achieve the sort of experience that it was not possible to gain online.

The Kuka robot based in the window of the Bottletop London store may only be printing keyrings and charms but it serves as a public reminder of the capacity of 3D printing while the interior of the store illustrates what can be achieved by industrial sized Kuka robots.

Recycled Paradise

The other co-founder of Bottletop, Oliver Wyman, has stated that the store will continue to grow over time and become a recycled paradise. He viewed the store as a chance to educate people about 3D printing and to demonstrate how it could help reduce waste.

Future Plans

The design of the interior store in London is an ongoing process and is expected to take two months to complete. Bottletop have intended it to stand as an exhibition build.

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