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Wednesday 25th April 2018 - 14:18
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Shops > News > Bexhill : a new store for a Discount chain

Bexhill : a new store for a Discount chain

Posted : 03/01/2018 - Shop

New Discount Store for Bexhill Discount outlets have become a normal site on most high streets in the UK with many being extremely successful. The residents of Bexhill are now welcoming a new specialist discount store to their area.


The discount chain Savers offers many cheaper beauty products plus ranges of products relating to health and to the home. Their newest store has just opened in the central location of Devonshire Road in Bexhill which is one of the main shopping areas. First established in 1988 with one shop in Durham, the Savers discount chain has already been very successful in the UK and has now expanded to over 3980 stores throughout the country. The chain already has stores in the nearby coastal towns of Eastbourne and Hove; the new Bexhill store is seen as a welcome addition to these.


The new Savers store in Bexhill has already created a welcome boost to employment in the local area and it is hoped that, if the store performs well, there may be further job vacancies available in the future.


Unique Addition

A spokesman for the Savers discount chain has welcomed the opportunity to bring their products to the residents of Bexhill and to visiting tourists. They stated that they view their highly anticipated store as a unique addition to the current shopping opportunities that are available in Bexhill and that they will be offering many branded products at cheaper prices.

Christmas Products

By opening their new Savers store in December, the discount chain has been able to offer their full range of Christmas lines to customers in Bexhill. These include a host of well known fragrances, a wide selection of gift sets for both men and women plus a range of seasonal confectionary. These products were immediately available following the launch of the store on December 7th.

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