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Monday 18th February 2019 - 22:47
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Shops > News > Boston Tea Party Removes Single-Use Takeaway Cups

Boston Tea Party Removes Single-Use Takeaway Cups

Posted : 26/06/2018 - Shop - Way of consumption

Customers who have become accustomed to single-use takeaway cups while visiting the Boston Tea Party coffee chain will need to make a slight adjustment. As of 1 June, disposable cups have been removed from 22 of their outlets.

Reusable cups will now take their place. This is an interesting development, as many larger retail chains have not yet adopted such a blanket approach. Clients will now be asked to bring in their own cup when purchasing coffee. A reusable version can likewise be "rented" by depositing £4.50 pounds. This deposit is redeemed when the cup is returned to the store. 

Community-Centred Action

Boston Tea Party claims that removing single-use takeaway cups from their line of products can reduce their in-house costs by up to ten pence for every hot drink served. The company states that this money will be dispersed to local charities such as Community of Purpose and Changing Horizons. Thus, Boston Tea Party is choosing to become a more proactive organisation while simultaneously helping to reduce waste. 

An Unprecedented Issue Within the United Kingdom

Many consumers are surprised to learn of the impact that disposable coffee cups can have upon the environment. For example, estimates state that over 2.5 billion of these cups are produced on an annual basis. From this massive figure, a mere 0.25 per cent are eventually recycled. The problem is also growing. As more consumers are provided with these cups, the number entering the environment will likewise increase in the coming years.

Although solid legislation has yet to be ratified, other large suppliers such as Waitrose have already taken similar actions while the coffee franchise Costa will soon be implementing major recycling programmes. The key question involves how these moves will impact future shopping trends throughout the United Kingdom. 

The Environmentally Conscious Consumer

A growing number of individuals are now becoming aware of how certain habits impact the world around them. So, the elimination of single-use takeaway cups could represent the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It is likely that other retail chains will take similar measures in an attempt to reduce waste. Not only can this save money over time, but it is an excellent way to appeal to the environmentally aware shopper.

There is no doubt that pollution is a very real problem within the United Kingdom. Such waste management steps could signal a bright (and greener) future.

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