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Monday 22nd April 2019 - 18:21
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A New Krispy Kreme Shop in Edinburgh?

Posted : 23/01/2019 - Food/Health - Shop

If you’re Scots, enjoy a little sleuthing, and are a lover of doughnuts, put on your trench coat and head for Edinburgh. Rumours abound that Krispy Kreme, that famous glazed doughnut manufacturer and retailer, is about to open a second outlet in the city.

But where, is being kept strictly under wraps. Or is it?

The Birth of Krispy Kreme

It was in 1937, when Vernon Rudolph first started selling his secret recipe doughnuts to local greengrocery outlets, and then to passers-by in Old Salem, North Carolina. Although his rented store was a basic retail unit, in 1944 a display case was designed, (which also doubled as a serving counter), to show off his range of doughnuts, pastries and other confectionary. Now, similar display cases, true to the original design, are the centre piece of every Krispy Kreme outlet you are likely to visit. Although it took a further 52 years before the company’s first retail-only shop opened, also in North Carolina, by 2015 the company was opening its 1,000th store, with outlets around the world

Krispy Kreme caters for the UK’s sweet tooth

Although the company has a presence in over 500 Tesco stores across the UK, it opened its first dedicated UK doughnut shop in 2003. Now, for those of us with a penchant for those tasty ring doughnuts, the company has over 100 stand-alone shops in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, employing over 1500 staff, and has plans to open further outlets. With Edinburgh already home to one Krispy Kreme outlet at Hermiston Gate in the city, where are we likely to find the second?

The Post Code may provide the clue

It was a sharp eyed journalist for an online publication who noticed an ad by Krispy Kreme in a catering magazine for a ‘superstar Retail Manager’, who was being recruited to lead an energetic team in one of their newly opening shops. Although Krispy Kreme’s recruitment company are keeping very tight-lipped about where and when any new store will be opening, it seems the post code accompanying the ad may provide a clue. EH15 3RD is the post code for Fort Kinnaird, one of Edinburgh’s premier shopping outlets, and home to some of Krispy Kreme’s biggest competitors. Now, if we can loosen the lips of a member of the workforce at Krispy Kreme’s Hermiston Gate outlet with a free glazed jumbo doughnut, we might just be able to steal a march on the competition, and be first in the queue at the new outlet.

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