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Monday 17th June 2019 - 15:56
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A new B&M Express shop is coming

Posted : 31/05/2019 - Shop

B&M Express is a retail store that was formed in the year 1978 by Malcom Billington. The store was first referred to as Billington & Mayman before its name was shortened to B&M store.

B&M Express store

B&M store is one of the leading retailers in the United Kingdom and its first destination is in Cleveleys, Lancashire in the United Kingdom where it was founded. However in the year 2010 as the business had entirely developed, they moved into a new head office that is situated in Speke, Liverpool. The head office was modern and had more accommodation space. In 2011 the business developed even further having created new operations such as finance directors and even logistics.

B&M has significantly expanded since its foundation. Between the year 2008 and the year 2016, outlets were increased to more than 500 a very high increase as they were just 20 before 2008. This also meant a significant sales volume hence a significant profit. This was achievable by ensuring that at least one of the outlet stores was opened every weekend. By the month of November in the year 2016, the outlets were counting up to 600; a very significant development of the retail stores. The stores are not only limited to the UK, some of them are in other countries such as Germany and Newzealand with more than 80 outlets.

B&M store Shirehampton's High Street

Increasing the sales volume has a great impact on the profits made by the retail store. This is because the B&M store sells goods that are directly brought from the producers or bulk wholesalers. This is the main reason as to why more new retail stores are opened. One of the latest branches to be opened his year is in Bristol. There are already three other B&M stores in the Bristol all in different places, this one will be specifically opened in Shirehampton's High Street adding up to the many more in the UK. This lies among the UK B&M retail store chain and will be opened in less than one month.

The store will be opened in collaboration with Heron Foods which is another retail chain that deals with foods. The shop will be counted as a branch of the B&M retail stores as it will the original factory shop. The logistics involve good organization; packaging and even ensuring no damage hence their collaboration with Heron Foods entirely ensures convenience. It also ensures prioritization of the customer demands hence the residents of Shirehampton's High Street in Bristol city will enjoy the new version of the store.

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