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Apple Store in Belfast

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Apple Store
Upper Ground Floor
BT1 Belfast
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Comment by le 07/04/2015 (1)

Waste of time

Comment by le 07/11/2014 (3)

Please put your address on this website. Not upper ground floor bt1 !!!!!

Comment by le 06/11/2014 (1)

Rubbish service.Talk to a machine that then cuts you off,Continually asked to be put though to the sales team to no avail after wasting 20 mins on the phone trying to resolve an issue.Happy to take money and charge for advice and storage don't want to know if there is an issue with the extremely expensive that has been purchased.

Comment by le 25/10/2014 (1)

I phoned the Belfast number on two consecutive days only to find a repeating voice telling me that all were very busy with other customers - I emphasised that all I wanted to know if there were stock of the new Air 2 iPad . I wanted to drive to Belfast to purchase 3 for birthday presents PJR Not impressed

Comment by le 05/04/2014 (3)

Shame on you, my son and my 2 year old grandson were in the Apple store in Victoria square belfast this week with a friend of my sons, they waited over an hour for the staff to get a contract sorted for my sons friend. Now anybody who knows anything about 2 year olds knows that an hour is a long time. My son was trying to keep his son entertained and the child was laughing, not screaming or getting under everyone's feet or being a pest. All good you may say. We'll apparently not, my son was asked to leave the store because the child was upsetting other customers. Two tips for the store any customer who complained about a two year old child laughing, for the store, seriously an hour to sort out a contract for somebody who is just renewing. For the customers, get a grip you morons.

Comment by le 07/05/2015 (5)

I went to the Apple Store in Belfast on Wed to have my correct email address installed,the consultant who looked after me was most helpful, polite and patient with someone who is not very computer literate .i cannot remember his name maybe Jeff or Jos anyhow I was very impressed with his excellent service . My iPhone is now sorted out so thank you so much.

Comment by le 21/01/2017 (3)

I have an iPhone 6s it has disabled itself and I can'tget it enabled could iI post it to you to get fixed please ?

Comment by le 06/08/2015 (1)

Hi I was in your store today and I asked for help and was sent upstairs when I was approached by a rep and I began to tell him my queries and he was not very helpful and borderline rude i had no chance to explain when he told me to speak to the guy with the beard on waiting i realised what the chap had suggested to me was that you really need an upgrade as I tried to explain he wasn't interested told the beard man my problems he said go to i can't remember my password i tried to do this and I had to ask for help again and he told me to use the big i pad on the table this didn't help eventually i got it changed and asking for help to sinkresise my two Apple products he passed a comment and I had to say to him that this was all new to me he proceed to work on the iPad whilst taking to his college and another customer about some gadget to take when your backpacking I had other questions i wanted to ask but by this time I was too embarrassed and left !!! Is it your policy to discriminate against customers who have learning difficulties and speech impediments to make them feel like they are stupid and embarrassed i am extremely annoyed by what happened to me in your shop today I also felt that your staff were laughing at my inabilities I'm a very proud person but i was not prepared for this i await your response

Comment by le 24/08/2016 (3)

Never buy Apple again customer services rubbing , products not good have a iPad new only few months only told when I gat down to fix as software issue only 90 day warranty , I asked why wasn't told at time told they are told not to say this , all family and friend have apple never again going downhill badly , asked to see a manager all busy ,said I could wait said be busy all day

Comment by le 30/06/2016 (5)

Excellent service today from the Belfast Genius Apple Store. I waited five min while another customer was being served and within ten min the young man who helped me had my problem sorted. If it was at all appropriate I'd have hugged him - such a delightful fellow. Thank you Apple Genius

Comment by le 02/07/2016 (3)

Despite ringing at 9-00am Saturday 2nd July got recorded message Rang again and recorded message was changed to say opening times 10 am No aplogolies of course as she is fully automated, fully automated my ****

Comment by le 17/02/2016 (5)

I was very impressed with the boy I was with don't know his name but he was very helpful considering I am 63 and don't know a lot about my iPad but he was asking me to come up and go to the class but I accidentaly took the message of my iPad so I phoned to ask them what time and day it was at it is a nightmare trying to get through so I don't know when I've to go or what time

Comment by le 18/02/2016 (1)

today they offered to fix my iphone 6 screen for free. after i had waited 20 mintues they changed their minds as they said my phone was out of warranty. said it would cost me £80 to fix. Not impressed as they offered to fix it for free, the supervisor agreed to do this, only to change his mind 20 minutes later.

Comment by le 12/02/2016 (5)

On Thursday the 11th February my wife and I renewed our contract with EE. When I asked them to transfer our phone numbers to our new phones they told us the computer software was not working but go down to the Apple shop and they would sort it out for us! We thought it a little strange, but went to your store. One of your Technical Team, Adam Fitzpatrick sorted our problem in a quiet and very efficient manner. Alan is an amazing young man, he was very professional but in a warm and friendly way. He was gentle in his approach to a couple of pensioners and nothing was too much bother for him. I would put Alan in line for bonus, pay rise or promotion, yes, he is that good! If we had of known then what we know now we would have taken out our new contract with your company. Many thanks once again to Alan and the rest of his colleagues.

Comment by le 12/09/2015 (1)

Aye...but if you have £25 Sir I could certainly help you solve your issues with your wonderful Iphone c with its continuous loss of Internet connection and the fact that the clock never keeps it's correct time...Have you ever heard of Customer Service?...well if you maybe raised your game I would maybe be in the mood to purchase a new Iphone 6,7 or whatever number you have at the minute but you know what I will be buying a new Samsung Edge..yeeeeeeeeeeeow
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  • Latitude : 54.5992223
  • Longitude : -5.9237471

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