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Friday 14th December 2018 - 20:06
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Walmart Create Tinder For Groceries

Posted : 13/02/2018 - Shop

Tinder has been an online phenomenon in recent years and revolutionised the world of dating applications. Now Walmart appear to be looking to adapt its methods to create a new grocery shopping site.

See Your Online Shopping

Walmart have filed a patent to create a grocery shopping site where shoppers will be able to see the products that are being selected for them as part of their online shopping order. The shopper will then be able to accept each item if they agree with the choice or reject the produce if they are not satisfied with it. The idea works by the Walmart member of staff sending images to the customer as they pack their order.

The image can be sent wither to a computer or a phone and the customer will then have the option to either accept or reject the selected item in a similar way to how potential dates can be either accepted or rejected on Tinder. It has not been stated if the customer will have to swipe left or right as is done with Tinder but the principle will be the same. If the customer rejects a particular item then the Walmart employee will select a different one and send a new image to the customer. There will be a limit place on how many times a customer can reject a specific item.

When this limit has been reached, customers will then have the option to select one out of all of the images that they have been sent of that product.

Biggest Concern

Customers have repeatedly stated that their biggest concern about online shopping is not being able to physically see the items that they are purchasing and therefore not be able to confirm that the produce is in good condition. Walmart hope that this new innovative online grocery shopping site will remove this problem and encourage more customers to submit online orders.

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