South Kensington : VINCE set for expansion

South Kensington : VINCE set for expansion

The American clothing brand Vince eyes global expansion with the opening of its first UK store, to be located in the South Kensington district of London.

South Kensington to get its own Vince store

Fashion-focused shoppers in South Kensington are in for a treat as the district will soon be home to the first Vince store in London. Based in Los Angeles, Vince is spreading out of its home territory by opening two new stores, the other being in New York City.

The expansion to the UK will help to cement the American clothing brand into the minds of a whole new country of shoppers. It seems safe to say that the new UK Vince shop will become a hotspot for customers across the city who want to try out the latest in fashionable clothing. The existing Los Angeles outlet is already renowned for its wide rang of stylish clothes and accessories designed for both men and women, and it is safe to say that the London shop will offer more along the same lines while contributing to an expansion of the brand.

More than just a clothing store

The shop is set to become more than just an outlet for fashionable clothing. Both the London and New York stores will be home to monthly programs of events, ranging from creative workshops to in-store panels; the exact nature of these events will be specifically tailored to each shop, meaning that London shoppers may be treated to events not to be found in the New York outlet.

Events such as these will help the UK Vince to attract visitors not only from South Kensington but also from wider afield in London, as both avid fashion shoppers and those curious about what the new outlet have to offer will drop in by each month to take part in the latest events. This approach will doubtless help Vince to continue its expansion, which may in the future spread well beyond Los Angeles, New York and London into cities still further afield.

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South Kensington : VINCE set for expansion