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Monday 24th June 2019 - 21:36
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CyCo - The Newest Attraction in Coulsdon

Posted : 01/10/2018 - Food/Health

Coulsdon lies south of the city of London. It’s noted for being close to Purley, as well as Croydon, with its great shopping facilities. It's an ideal location for commuting to work in London.

This area, as a whole, lies in the heart of rolling green countryside. So it gives you the best of both worlds. You’re close to the countryside and you’re not too far from big city life either. But down on the Brighton Road, you'll find another reason to come to Coulsdon. The brand new CyCo Coffee Shop has recently opened its doors. And there are already some rave reviews online about it. 

Do We Need Another Coffee Shop in Couldson ? 

Couldson features wide pavements and many indoor coffee shops. So is another coffee shop what this locality needs? Yes, if it makes a niche for itself. CyCo has got some great reviews lately. It has friendly staff, delicious food and pays attention to particular dietary requirements. Yes! CyCo caters for the growing vegan market. In today’s health conscious world, more and more consumers are turning vegan. And CyCo seems to have already made inroads into the vegan breakfast/brunch market. That is, if the reviews are anything to go by. 

Does Anyone Have a Negative Thing to Say about CyCo ? 

The only feedback that isn’t 100% positive is about one matter. During the recent heatwave, the cafe became rather hot. The staff members did their utmost to keep the place as cool as possible, using fans. But, nothing short of air conditioning would have met this particular need. So the management might like to take that feedback on board for future reference. With the upsurge in global warming, we can assume that heatwaves are on the increase, sad to say. 

Head Over At The Weekend 

Are you considering a breakfast or a brunch outing over the weekend in Couldson? CyCo is definitely the place to go. The are extra menu choices on the weekends. The homemade smoothies are drawing praise and appreciation from reviewers. The strong coffee and freshly made sandwiches are also creating a good impression. Cold drinks are also available. It may be a small cafe, but it’s already made quite an impact in a short time. So remember to pay a visit to CyCo on your next trip to Coulsdon.

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