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Aldi in Pocklington

Address & Contacts

Robertson Close
YO42 Pocklington
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Opening Times

Monday 08.00 - 21.00
Tuesday 08.00 - 21.00
Wednesday 08.00 - 21.00
Thursday 08.00 - 21.00
Friday 08.00 - 21.00
Saturday 08.00 - 21.00
Sunday 10.00 - 16.00

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The roots of the Aldi chain can be traced back to 1913 - a small store called ‘Albrecht’ in Germany. As the chain developed, the company eventually split in two, with brothers Theo and Karl Albrecht operating their own versions of Aldi in North and South Germany. Since the split in 1966, ‘Aldi Markt’ and ‘Aldi Sud’ have been legally… read more about Aldi


Comment by le 30/12/2016 (4)

I have shopped in this store since the day it opened, and over the years have spent a considerable amount of money, as you can imagine. The staff are always very helpful and polite, and I am always amazed at the good value the store offers. HOWEVER - I did a very large shop there on 20th December (post holiday and pre Christmas) and have just received a parking ticket for being over the time limit by 14 minutes. I am sure there used to be notices which gave 2 hours parking to customers, but I am unable to check on this because there is no telephone number on your website so that I can speak to someone about it. I would have to travel to the store to do this and I am so furious that might not be a good idea!. I cannot believe that Aldi are having to stoop so low to control the parking facilities. From earlier comments it is clear there would be no point in appealing to the cretins responsible. A £70 charge for 14 minutes parking is extortion at the very least but to threaten me with court action is intimidation and bullying in the extreme! I will probably end up paying this fine, but have learned my lesson and will not set foot in Aldi Pocklington ever again.

Comment by le 30/06/2016 (3)

Nothing has improved, Andy. Your problem was December 15; I've just been done for going a few minutes over. Morrisons York stopped using these people - some nasty little outfit that do not engae with you. Aldi do it so that they can disclaim responsibility. But they can't. In post brexit Britain, consumer protest, boycotts etc. will increase. I think it's called 'Taking back control' - (even though I didn't vote that way.) Between myself and the other people in the car we spent about £200 cash that day. Then we get punished for shopping there. A sneaky pick-pocket tax. They're not even employing someone as a parking attendant like Waitrose do. Aldi are responsible for using pit-bulls like this and treating genuine customers with contempt. it will cost me 70 quid but by the time I've told 100+ friends to shop elsewhere - and asked each of them to tell 10 friends, it will cost Aldi Pocklington a damn sight more. They won't care too much - but they might start asking the manager why sales have dipped. John

Comment by le 30/06/2016 (2)

Just to add some perspective; I fully understand why Aldi would not wish to be providing free parking for the whole town. That is reasonable. But because they put profit before customers they use a tawdry little bunch of bully boys (and you can judge a company by the company it keeps) to extort fines instead of putting some of that lucre into giving someone a hi-viz and a job. Thus they are unable to distinguish between a regular customer who comes into the store, spends a shed load of cash, and then goes over on their stay; and someone who doesn't even go into the Aldi store but parks for 1 hour 28 minutes. Customer contempt.

Comment by le 11/12/2015 (1)

Dear Manager I came and shopped at your store on the 25th November at 13.21.45 according to your cctv camera, I am a regular as I live in Barmby Moor, and I use you as my local convenience store. I bought some items then went to Screwfix in Goole, I bought a Hedge trimmer, I have a timed and dated receipt, so I have proof that I was not at your store carpark during the afternoon, on returning, I remembered I needed some other things, so I popped back to your store to get them. I was again parked for a few minutes. Your parking contractors have sent me a notice of a fine for parking for 2 hours 41 minutes, but your cctv should clearly show that I went away and came back but this is not shown on the ticket. I have appealed the notice as soon as I got it last week, but they have not even had the decency to acknowledge my appeal. Your contractors are clearly not doing you justice, they are being heavy handed and inaccurate in their actions. I have proof that I was not parked for that length of time. I will be checking if the cctv has planning permission, as I do not remember seeing the notice and cannot find reference to it on the ERYC planning portal. I await your reply

Comment by le 25/10/2018 (1)

I used to shop at Aldi Pocklington but won't be going back since I was fined for overstaying the car park by a few minutes.
GPS position
  • Latitude : 53.9285926
  • Longitude : -0.7796944

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