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Tesco in Ryde

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PO33 Ryde

Opening Times

Monday 08.00 - 20.00
Tuesday 08.00 - 20.00
Wednesday 08.00 - 20.00
Thursday 08.00 - 20.00
Friday 08.00 - 20.00
Saturday 08.00 - 20.00
Sunday 10.00 - 16.00

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Established in 1919 by Jack Cohen, Tesco PLC has grown to become a leading grocery and merchandise brand in the UK. The company, which opened its maiden store in 1929, began as a collection of market stalls selling groceries along Well Street in East London. It has now grown to become the second largest retailer in the world after Wal-Mart… read more about Tesco


Comment by le 11/11/2017 (1)

How is it that no matter how helpful the staff is, they never seem to know their product. All I ever get is "I'm sorry I don't know"? Or, "sorry we don't have it". After spending what seems an age on the phone waiting to be attended to, the answer is always the same. Also your website needs updating, it is still showing 08 instead of 03 for the phone number. More wasting of your customers time! No wonder people are leaving in droves for your competitors.

Comment by le 12/12/2014 (3)

I think your meat department could do with improvement ,since your butcher left for newzealnd your staff seem to be darting to the fish counter back to the meat the display of meat is not the same i asked for a £12 joint which is top side the lady said they did not have any I said what about topside she looked in the fridge and said nothing was marked with what the beef was if you are a butcher surely you would know what a cut of beef looks like I think you should look into this department and sort it out and get a good butcher

Comment by le 24/01/2017 (1)

This Tescos is terrible Iv found anchor butter out of date , so I gave it to a member out staff He just mumbles and returned the item back in the fridge, on a different day I picked up some walkers crisps that was ood by 4 weeks . I also went to the meat counter they turned around and saw me but carried on talking amongst themselves. When Asda opens I won't bother about Tescos.

Comment by le 01/06/2015 (3)

I was given a £20 off voucher for Vision and Computing when I shopped ar the Ryde store last week, and this made me decide to purchase an iPod touch from the store a couple of days later. When I presented the voucher at the electrical desk the till said it was not valid for this purchase, despite the voucher appearing to indicate otherwise as the only exclusion was specifically named as the Hudl. The iPod touch is exactly the same in terms of capability as an iPad and is surely a Computing device. This just reaffirms my frustration with Tesco that you are lured in to making a purchase by a voucher or discount from the company only to find out at the last moment that you have been misled! I did purchase the iPod anyway but am left feeling let down by Tesco, which will obviously influence my future shopping habits.

Comment by le 19/08/2016 (1)

just been shopping with my Indonesian muslim wife ,and with our shopping in our basket was a bottle of wine , which i drink in the weekend. the lady at the check out asked for ID, as she thought my wife looked under 25! my wife is a small woman and is 35 years old . also a muslim ,so drinks no alcohol. Told the lady that i wanted to see the manager ,as i was not happy with the way we were treated. she said the manager would not come! I said the wine was not for my wife ,as under her religion they do not drink .Effectively i was made to feel a liar ,as i told her the wine is for me anyway. who goes shopping in tesco with their ID in any case !! we do our weekly shop in Tesco all the time and never had this treatment. the lady said because of the refusal to sell me the alcohol i could not come and buy it for 24 hour! Way to go Tesco , that is the way to treat your loyal customers, well done. my wife is upset and me too.

Comment by le 06/06/2016 (1)

Very disappointed at the latest scam by Tesco . I attended the Fuel Station around 1.45 today 6th June and diesel was 107 a litre. I went back in another car around 5.20 and the price had been increased to 108 a litre. I asked the cashiers if they had had a delivery of fuel during the afternoon and they said no. So Tesco's are now making an extra penny a litre on the same supply of fuel that they were charging less for. Doubt they were being charged an increased price on that delivery of fuel. Sham, but every little helps!!!!! Who though??????

Comment by le 26/01/2016 (2)

I know that as long term customer of 15 years, spending at least £100 per week, I would like to know why I should remain loyal!. Veg and meat I have bought recently only have a shelf date of approx 3 days. Your bakery cannot compare with Morrisons . On occasions I have bought doughnuts for a group that I provide teas for and they have been stale even though bought on the day required. If you want to maintain your customers you have to offer more. I know that you wont reply as the small or loyal cusomer really does not matter.

Comment by le 30/11/2015 (2)

I have just spent the last 10 minutes trying to contact your store but even with help from a lady in Scotland we were still not able to make contact so if this message gets through please can you contact me on 01983872106. Thank you Howard Allen
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  • Longitude : -1.1459009

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