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Debenhams in Plymouth

Address & Contacts

Royal Parade,

PL1 Plymouth

Opening Times

Monday 09.30 - 18.00
Tuesday 09.30 - 18.00
Wednesday 09.30 - 18.00
Thursday 09.30 - 20.00
Friday 09.30 - 18.00
Saturday 09.00 - 18.00
Sunday 10.00 - 17.00

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Comment by le 02/04/2015 (1)

Use Debs a lot clothes bags make up jewellery presents for family and friends so I guess I would be classed as a fairly good customer, Not the case took a bracelet back that I had purchased for my daughter two weeks ago, the after sales service was poor kept waiting ages, then told it would be mended after two weeks I would have expected a replacement. Feel this was not good at all.

Comment by le 31/01/2015 (2)

I bought a hat at Christmas for a forthcoming wedding. At the time the department did not have any hat boxes in stock. However, I was given a telephone number to ring to check when the hat boxes arrived, which I have done several times now, but still I do not have a hat box. I have to travel to the wedding and I would really appreciate having a hat box for the journey. I would have thought by now the decent thing to do would be for the store to take my number to ring me as soon as possible to inform me when the boxes arrive, which I hope won't be much longer. Of course they have not offered to do this. Also, having read Stella's comments below, I have to agree. I was greeted by pan- faced expressions by staff, including the lady who was clearly in a senior position and had to wait until they condescended to serve me at the pay desk. I like Debenhams store, but it is off-putting when staff behave so rudely. There are so many people out there who would love to have their jobs and could probably do them a lot better. Debenhams need to do something about this situation as there is a lot of choice today in the retail business and soon people will be voting with there feet.

Comment by le 11/01/2015 (1)

They never answer the phone.

Comment by le 12/01/2015 (1)

Rang 11.10am on a Monday 12 January 2015, but just listen to music for 8 mins then the call was terminated by them. Not a good service for such a large department store. I was going to make a serious enquiry about Furniture over a £1000 worth, they just lost my business.

Comment by le 28/02/2014 (2)

I regularly buy clothing in your women's dept. This is despite, not because of, the staff. On Monday last at about 3pm I tried on a number of items. When I came out of the changing cubicle I was loaded with shopping and clothes on hangers. The (very tall) young lady was organising stock on a rail. She had nothing in her hands. She looked at me, looked away, tidied up some plastic labels on the rail and then explained to her colleague, who had just returned to the section, what she had just done. Only then did she deign to come and take my unwanted garments. When I pointed out her laxness, she was most taken aback! I then walked over to the till. I stood at the till whilst the manager and an assistant, busy with stock on the rails, both looked at me. Then there was a short wait whilst one of them decided they'd better serve me...The manager. Now, you'd expect to get friendly, welcoming service from a senior member of staff. Not so. Her attitude was, as I had previously experienced, negative and disinterested. You can't fault her on knowing the answers to my queries. However, her tone and her mannerisms are negative and unwelcoming and this is reflected I believe in the attitude of her staff and the atmosphere in her dept. I was the only customer in evidence in that part of the dept. at that time, both in the changing room and at the till. There was no excuse for the lack of interest in,and care about, a customer. I see that there is a vacancy for Head of Sales, so perhaps this is part of his/her challenge. Why not send your staff to Accessorize or Athena and they will find out how to make customers,(their bread and butter!), welcome and wanting to come back. How much more enjoyable for staff if they enjoy a pleasant relationship with their customers,and their colleagues.

Comment by le 28/05/2013 (1)

Unfortunately had very poor service re correspondence for a damaged piece of furniture. To date have rang 8 times and have been promised a call back within 48hrs 4 times which to date has never happened. Really expected much better service from a large department store. Asked to speak to a Manager on my latest call back was told he was apparantly away from his desk that was 5hrs ago!!

Comment by le 24/07/2017 (2)

So I held the telephone for 10 minutes listening to an appalling row which a congenitally deaf person may in a flight of fancy refer to as music. Apparently the "customer service team was very busy! - I think they don't exist! Second attempt - telephone answered after over 13 minutes but it wasn't the store - it was someone who claimed to be a member of the "customer service team". They said they would transfer me to the Plymouth store who approximately 5 minutes later answered the telephone. The quality of the line was poor and we could hardly understand each other but eventually my question was answered. A very negative experience!!

Comment by le 10/09/2016 (3)

Nice store shoe department brilliant the lay out very good helpful friendly staff just loved the shoe department

Comment by le 26/07/2016 (1)

have tried to contact the travel money office in plymouth on three sepperate days to no avail pushed from pillar to post on 0844 numbers the number given on the net when phoned says that it does not exist finally got through to someone that was able to phone plymouth store furniture department who are going to ask the money exchange to phone me

Comment by le 05/10/2015 (3)

Poor customer service. When I phoned I was left hanging on for ages. It was 2.30 not in the lunch hour.Although their internet site took my credit card details, I was unable to buy the product I wanted.
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