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Morrisons in Perth

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Caledonian Road
PH1 Perth
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Morrison's is a major UK food retailer, started by William Morrison in 1899 as an egg and butter stall in Bradford Market. The first Morrison's supermarket opened in 1961, and the company went public in 1967. In the coming years, Morrison's opened food warehouses and distribution sites, and its stores went national. In 2008, Morrison's claimed the UK's top three… read more about Morrisons


Comment by le 21/06/2017 (3)

Was annoyed today when found kiosk had no first class stamps for second time in short period. Was sent back to main tills again . Did not have time to queue just for stamps so got them elsewhere later. Surely it shouldn't be too hard to ensure there is a supply there.?

Comment by le 06/12/2016 (5)

I live equidistant from Morrisons and Tesco, Aldi & Lidl are but just up the road. I go to Morrisons! The bread is the best, they have the "still fresh!", which I like a lot! The service is good. Really. They are always really nice, the people working there. One time... I was short on a long order, short of 28p! The woman controlling, looking after, the self service tills... (all 8 of them, all on her own (!) This is like she is running 8 tills, and I hope there is a bonus for running the self-service tills), had a small plastic box containg the "left over" change from the machines. Well I too on occasion left the shop without picking up the 3p or whatever... It all adds up. So my difference was paid. All this with no fuss or embarrassment, at the same time looking after the other customers with problems. So... these poor people whoo man the self service tills are being driven crazy by the "VOICE"! "Thank you for shopping at Morrisons" It is sometimes happening oon 4 machines simultaneously, but with a slight difference that in the music business is called "flanging". It is like an audible strobe light, and has just the same effect in that it can bring on a mild fainting fit. I say stop this Audio thing. It's not needed and drives the staff mad. It's okay for the customer that just gets maybe 1 minute of it and is out, but the poor person doing the shift... I had a flat on the High Street, below which a busker would set up... He only had three tunes, I was working from home. In the end I had to move. Same thing applies. So I ask you, as my favourite supermarket, stop the audio on these self serve check out machines. Things like "We have a problem!" or "This product must be verified!" are of course allowed. Including any other health and safety notices such as "The building is on fire. Don't panic!" They are allowed... but this Thank you for shopping at Morrisons... I mean, just put a "smiley" on the screen, people will know their custom has been appreciated. You could even have a "Frowny", for people like me whoo breeze in and spend 95p, at the self service till...

Comment by le 18/10/2016 (3)

I purchased everything I needed today except a carton of pouring cream. A couple of weeks ago, the price was 70p, but today it had risen by 15.7% to 81p. Why ?

Comment by le 26/12/2015 (3)

I was very happy with my Christmas order but a sell by dat on six pieces of cheese the twenty seventh of December, come on! I shop at your store all the time but this has made me very unhappy.

Comment by le 20/07/2018 (4)

My husband and I are frequent shoppers in your Perth store and are always happy with our shopping experience. Two things we have noticed this week are: Firstly the music being louder than "normal" and I do know about the "quiet" experiment. but do you need music at all? Secondly: we have coffee regularly in the café and have had no complaints thus far, but today, my Cappuccino was lukewarm but my husbands black coffee was fine. I returned mine and was told and I quote" lots of people had complained " I was given another coffee(black) which was fine, thank you for that. If serving staff were aware that the machine was not performing correctly why were they not informing customers, this is not good service and a bit disappointing as on the whole all of the staff we have encountered in store are friendly and helpful.
GPS position
  • Latitude : 56.39651
  • Longitude : -3.44161

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