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Aldi in Strood

Address & Contacts

Friary Place
ME2 Strood
No way to contact registered for this store.

Opening Times

Monday 08.00 - 21.00
Tuesday 08.00 - 21.00
Wednesday 08.00 - 21.00
Thursday 08.00 - 21.00
Friday 08.00 - 21.00
Saturday 08.00 - 21.00
Sunday 10.00 - 16.00

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The roots of the Aldi chain can be traced back to 1913 - a small store called ‘Albrecht’ in Germany. As the chain developed, the company eventually split in two, with brothers Theo and Karl Albrecht operating their own versions of Aldi in North and South Germany. Since the split in 1966, ‘Aldi Markt’ and ‘Aldi Sud’ have been legally… read more about Aldi


Comment by le 25/12/2017 (5)

apart from now not stocking my favorite herrings in curry sauce -Wonderful store I can't fault it. Lovely fresh veg etg

Comment by le 10/11/2017 (5)

great food ..great prices.. parking can be a bit of a problem ...all in all good

Comment by le 26/11/2014 (5)

Fantastic & staff very helpfull. Very good compition for the big 4. so much better than Lidl hopefully you will keep prices low & value for money

Comment by le 31/10/2014 (5)

Staff alright, costumers a bunch of idiots.

Comment by le 14/09/2017 (3)

I generally have good customer service however today I was left standing at checkout while the checkout lady went for a wander around the store. She said she didn't know I was there but why was she away from her till when the light was on and I got there and started unloading my basket just after she got up. I saw her go to another till and believed she would turn round and come back. In the end I asked another store assistant if she was coming back and she s a I'd in a minute. When the woman finally came back the pair of them had a conversation about me being there, before I was served. Disappointed and offended.

Comment by le 02/06/2014 (1)

Whilst returning the trolley the security guard came out cleared his throat and spat the contents of his mouth onto the pavement outside the entrance of the store, whilst I voiced my disgust in what he had done he smiled and said sorry I then told him not only was it a disgusting thing to do it was also against the law , he smiled again and I said it was not a joke he said sorry again. What sort of people are aldi employing

Comment by le 18/04/2014 (1)

Appalling customer service cheap but customer service bad.also the speed cashier puts goods across scanner no regard for yourfood

Comment by le 03/04/2014 (1)

Parked here 22/03/14 with my disabled mum who unfortunately fell and was taken to hospital. I have now received a £70 parking fine reduced if paid early to £40 because I overstayed by 11minutes. I have never even noticed the signs if I had I would have took the time to speak with the manager who maybe would have shown some compassion. Not impressed at all.

Comment by le 27/05/2013 (3)

fantastic shop and staff.great products.i was surprised how much I saved there.will never go back to Tesco etc.

Comment by le 24/07/2013 (1)

I bought 2 avocados that were bad inside,2 packets of pea pods that only had seeds in no peas,2 packets of tomatoes that were only fit for cooking very soft,tin of mushy peas that was like green gravy,and a packet of fish fingers that were black inside,which I took back and got my money back. The flowers I bought were good,so were the strawberrys.but were cheeper in Asda. I didnt save money at all but lost with faulty goods which I could not use

Comment by le 25/08/2013 (5)

I love this shop and hardly shop anywhere else now. Wonderful weekly bargains on fresh fruit and veg. Wine, cheeses, fish and meat are excellent. Own label versions of products are as good if not better than the original. Very important to me is the position of the store which makes it a much shorter walk back to Rochester than any of the others. I don't have a car and there is no such thing as a bus from Stroods many supermarkets to 95% of Rochester. Only one gripe. The fresh milk doesn't last long.

Comment by le 30/09/2013 (1)

23rd september last parked in strood kent uk store car park and stayedf 12 minutes over alloted 1.5 hours parking limit. received parking fine £70 with reduction if paid early. Fine issued to wife as car owner. Who and how were details obtained and was it legal?I will do my best to not go near the store again. I may also advise friends and relatives. A reimbursement would be helpfull.

Comment by le 09/05/2015 (3)

Parking costs are an issue.....should be free, for aldi shoppers only....rather than punish customers with parking fine and rushing to shop.....have parking man. Staff are friendly and helpful. Avocados have been off when purchased, 3 times now...Maris piper potatoes don't taste like Maris pipers! They taste like normal whites when roasted, not nice. Hope comments help.

Comment by le 27/07/2017 (5)

brilliant shop - products are of a very high quality for a fraction of the price. I am proud I am to say I shop at Aldi's because I am a am a discerning shopper. Just try it once and you will be converted

Comment by le 29/12/2016 (5)

we use this store regulary ,and staff very helpful and range of products is superb. well done aldis

Comment by le 30/07/2016 (3)


Comment by le 06/05/2016 (1)

Shelves of bedding plants are allowed to die...As the staff are far too busy..They need to be watered in this heat...or even reduced...No ones going to buy a shrivelled thing..even at £1.79

Comment by le 14/04/2016 (3)

aldi is good place to go also the customers are great also loving customs E.G Tammy,Jode

Comment by le 22/02/2016 (3)

its a good store but Tammy the best

Comment by le 22/02/2016 (5)

Tammy is good and she the best init

Comment by le 12/01/2016 (5)

My husband and I enjoy shopping in our local Aldi store - the staff are always pleasant, polite and very helpful - they readily cease whatever they are doing to assist us. (I 'd like to thank Caroline in particular in this respect). Also - please congratulate your check-out staff - they are easily the fastest operators in this area! Last, but not least, we have always found that everything that we have bought has been good value for money!

Comment by le 17/12/2015 (3)

Shocking parking fine for 10 mins over time. 359 pounds spent in store

Comment by le 02/12/2015 (3)

Was in your store as usual looking for the LUXURY TOPPED PANETTONE, was advised by a senior assistant, upon her return from the office where she was supposed to be contacting the Gillingham store. She went to see if they had any in stock but was informed that this product was no longer available, As I need it by the 12th; can you please confirm if this is correct or should I be looking else where.?

Comment by le 31/05/2018 (5)

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