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Morrisons in Bude

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Stucley Road
EX23 Bude
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Morrison's is a major UK food retailer, started by William Morrison in 1899 as an egg and butter stall in Bradford Market. The first Morrison's supermarket opened in 1961, and the company went public in 1967. In the coming years, Morrison's opened food warehouses and distribution sites, and its stores went national. In 2008, Morrison's claimed the UK's top three… read more about Morrisons


Comment by le 15/12/2011 (5)

I would like to say how very helpful all the staff are at the Bude Store. I have always found that they will go out of their way to advise and to help in any way they can,. I am very impressed.

Comment by le 09/06/2017 (3)

We shop in Morrisons Bude up to twice a week. I am very sorry to have to make a complaint because we like the shop. The problem is the ladies on the deli counter don't want to serve the customers they all stand with their backs to the customers. I have seen people standing waiting to be served for minutes whilst the ladies make out they are doing something. I have seen people give up waiting and walk away un served. This has happened to my husband. He's walked away un served today. No lunch for him today. The ladies are all to blame for failing to serve customers. When people get served the ladies make it look as if the customer are a pain. Please have a word with them they are loosing customers.

Comment by le 02/06/2017 (1)

What on earth has happened to you! I used Gateway to Safeway to Morrisons in Bideford. When I moved to Bude I was so pleased to find my old friend of a store and have used it perfectly happily for the last 10 years. Not anymore! Lately it has been 75% Morrisons % 25% Lidl. Now I am afraid it will be 100% Lidl! I went into your store as usual on Thursday and found that you no longer sell the lovely woodland mushrooms. Your fish counter no longer has anything I can afford that I want to eat. Why are you selling butterflied trout fillets? I want just 1 fillet! The butterflied cost me £3.05! Your store no longer knows what it is supposed to be more like that ghastly BM across the road. Are you a grocery store( I wish), a Garden store Household and now it seems Childrens' clothes. Sorry you have lost me in more ways than one!

Comment by le 02/05/2017 (2)

Whilst I accept the inconvenience caused by store alterations, your customers will not tolerate the undermanning of checkouts exacerbating the situation. Only when I complained forcibly to a customer service staff member, was an additional till manned. And I was offered no apology. Also, your increasing prices are not going unnoticed, resulting in much of my weekly shop now being completed elsewhere.

Comment by le 20/01/2017 (3)

As a friend of Adrian Heard I was deeply touched by many of the staff lining the route of the cortege yesterday what a magnificent gesture by the Bude staff Thank you so much

Comment by le 22/05/2016 (1)

I and my partner have seen people use the loos and walk straight out into the food hall WITHOUT washing their hands on several occasions. These sh1ts (male AND female) must NOT be allowed to get away with it!. Please fit "Purehold hygein handles" or similar ASAP. ( No relationship.

Comment by le 19/09/2015 (1)

After a very long drive from Berkshire to Bude for a holiday we decided to call in to your store in Bude and went to have a meal before doing a some shopping, only to find that we had to wait over 45 minutes for our meals, then when we finally got our meals the meals were cold and the young girl who bought them to the table said she was sorry about them being left sitting on the side before bringing them to our table. This was after we had been up and asked how much longer we were going to have to wait. We sent the meals back and when more meals were finally bought again, my Scampi had be reheated and my mothers pie was the wrong pie with the whole meal swimming in gravey. And my friends chicken was so dry it was very difficult to cut. At first we were very happy about the price of our meals £18, but when it was difficult to eat the meal, the money was wasted. We wished we hadn't bothered to have a meal in one of your cafés. We certainly won't be reccormending your cafés for a good meal. We did speak with the manager if the store and he did say how sorry he was.

Comment by le 26/09/2015 (3)

I have been a regular customer at Morrisons Bude ever since it opened. My husband and I have always been reasonably satisfied with the quality of goods and service that we have experienced and mostly it has been excellent both in the store and the cafe. However today whilst we had excellent service at the store cash out the food and service in the cafe was far from its usual high standard. For example the variety of sandwiches did not allow for customers with common allergies. Only white bread was available and they all contained mayonaise . Many people like myself are allergic to the allergens in both. The only brown sandwiches available contained prawns and mayonaise both of which contain allergens . The trays were stuck together and difficult to manage for elderly people like us. Between 12:30 and 1:0pm customers were kept waiting to pay, having dispensed their drinks, for well over five minutes ,and then attended by a very surly and offhand male member of staff who avoided the courtesy of apologising for keeping us waiting and showing little interest in the job through eye contact and pleasantly. This is not what we have come to expect from your usual extremely empathetic staff. In addition over half the cutlery dispensers were empty over a prolonged period of time,the tables were not suitably cleaned at all and the food was grossly over cooked and dripping over the edge of the plate. We have always had a very high regard for the management of this store and the general helpfulness and understanding of the staff. We would wish to continue shopping at Morrisons but a repercussion of today's experience will not ensure our loyalty.

Comment by le 23/10/2015 (3)

Went in to Morrisons today at around 4.45 served by a young man, friendly polite and greeted me as soon as I came to the counter. This is unusual as most of the staff are not that friendly. You need more like him did not see his name.

Comment by le 03/12/2018 (5)

Love shopping here staff very helpful nothing to much trouble
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