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Apple Store in Exeter

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Apple Store
24 Princesshay

EX1 Exeter
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Comment by le 12/04/2015 (3)

Impossible to book an appointment on line when your I Pad is not working Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Unable to reach by phone. Dreadful service support for a good product. Cannot use a laptop as unable to download Safari to make an apt. No direct contact on phone only pre recorded messages, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Now a 30 mile journey just to make an apt.

Comment by le 08/04/2015 (2)

They have my computer, do not answer the phone and cut me off twice in the queue, leaving me without any arrangement facility to have the repaired item collected. I have no way to contact them.

Comment by le 08/04/2015 (3)

Jake or Jack please can you help me. I bought a MacBook Pro yesterday. ( deaf in blue shirt!) you were both marvellous but I need you to send me an email with details of why the old laptop was not mendable. Then I have to forward it to the insurance company. Could you do that as soon as possible please. Thank you for your help. Best wishes from Trish

Comment by le 23/02/2015 (1)

They really do not answer the phone. Hopeless

Comment by le 03/01/2015 (3)

Very bad service

Comment by le 05/01/2015 (3)

please give me a call 01803 299707 as I have managed to lose my apple id again! tel 01803 299707

Comment by le 18/11/2014 (1)

Useless. Long long wait to talk to someone. Can't seem to book a genius appointment on line.

Comment by le 12/11/2014 (1)

I have spent the past half hour trying to get through to Apple Princesshay by phone - as other customers have mentioned below... they simply do not answer their phone. I have just been endlessly left on hold. I tried to book an appointment online, but that facility doesn't seem to be available any more. Very unsatisfactory.

Comment by le 08/11/2014 (1)

Not happy with the after care Apple princesshay Exeter has provided very unhappy with the customer service and advice unable to migrate old Mac to new Mac have been trying to for the past 2 days without any success. Considering returning Mac and buying Mircosoft PC instead.

Comment by le 25/10/2014 (1)

Terible customer services taking to a machine for 30 minutes befor being transferred avoid avoid staff not know much better talking to machine

Comment by le 11/10/2014 (3)

No reflection on the staff, but the store is too small, too busy. Needs to be bigger with more staff

Comment by le 22/09/2014 (1)

Why don't they answer the phone? I don't want Apple Care and I don't want to pay £26 for a simple answer to a simple question. Shocking service.

Comment by le 06/09/2014 (1)

Really hoping my next visit is better than my first . personel was not helpful so im going to try again tomorrow .

Comment by le 16/03/2014 (2)

I purchased another ipad2 from the Princesshay shop in Exeter on Friday 14th March. Very difficult to get hold of initially, not easy to get a "Genius" appointment, (why are they called Genius?), it seems they are a lot of young boys and girls running around who cannot tell you anything without consulting their ipad. I saw 3 different people, who all left me hanging around whilst they tended to other customers and joked around with each other. Annoyingly, they forgot to remove my SIM card from my old ipad which they retained, and put it into the new ipad. I telephoned the next day when I realised what had happened, and was told I would have to call into the store to collect it as they cannot post things!! As I live over 60 miles away I found this totally unacceptable, as it would have meant a 3 hour 120 mile trip. In the end they agreed to post it, (I havent received it as yet). So all in all not overly impressed with the service, and now it seems you are unable to contact the store by email???

Comment by le 17/09/2013 (1)


Comment by le 15/07/2017 (5)

thanks for all your help in the past, I have visited the store on many occasions, and have spent a lot of time in exeter,waiting for an appointment, but then have been completely satisfied with the service.

Comment by le 16/06/2017 (3)

Rubbish, please can I talk to someone, at 84 I need help to fix the disablement not technical advice I can not understand

Comment by le 07/09/2016 (1)

Cannot contact store by phone to make appointment. Unable to make online appointment, so have to travel 30 miles to make an appointment. Hopeless!

Comment by le 26/08/2016 (1)

Don't bother ringing the store it's impossible to speak to a real person

Comment by le 29/03/2016 (3)

I am absolutely FUMING!!!! I am trying ot speak to someone at the Apple shop in Exeter. The automated message I am getting is NOT helpng me to speak to a REAL person. I CANNOT read the Serial No of my ipd. My ipad is in lockdown and I received a phone call from the Hlep Line but the call was cut off and the caller did not BOTHER to phone me back. IT is now 5 days since I had the use of my ipad. This is NOT the standard of service I am used to getting and I DEMAND a phone call asap

Comment by le 20/08/2015 (3)

Lovely, professional service in Exeter; a real delight. I'n eed to come in tomorrow to collect a replacement IP6 which you say is ready for collection. Your closing times appear on the web as either 1900 or 1800. Which is correct? I'd also like to collect a hard copy on headed paper demonstrating the machine is a replacement - to show Turkish Customs that I'm not cheating. The machine is booked to me or possibly Roberta Edgar, can't remember.

Comment by le 06/09/2015 (3)

I need to see about email are messed up on my iPad and can't send email One to one because I am deaf and speak well I need appt for tomorrow if possible or other day after 3pm

Comment by le 05/01/2016 (3)

Great to get the even better if someone answered the phone at the shop..I have spent the whole day trying to sort a problem with my iPad..have been over an hour to a guy in Dubai then passed from pillar to post but all I want to do is get to the shop and have my problem solved! Frustrating or what?

Comment by le 10/11/2015 (1)

can never book an appointment at genius bar...lots of info but no link. only one goes automatically to regents st, London. I live in Exmouth but need to go to Exeter shop so can't just hope an appointment free. this will be my 5th appntment trying to get my mini ipad sych with my iPhone. why can't anyone do it successfully? very fed up. why do you ask if i'm woman/man? if anyone gets this, i'd like an apt mon mornabt 11am

Comment by le 29/09/2018 (1)

do not take your phone here for repair you will get ripped off took mine was told screen possibly, new unit took to 3 where contract was soft reset was done guess what it worked didnt cost anything. Dont trust apple.
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