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Homebase in Durham

Address & Contacts

Unit C Arnison Centre Ret Pk
Pity Me
DH1 Durham

Opening Times

Monday 08.00 - 20.00
Tuesday 08.00 - 20.00
Wednesday 08.00 - 20.00
Thursday 08.00 - 20.00
Friday 08.00 - 20.00
Saturday 08.00 - 20.00
Sunday 10.00 - 16.00

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Homebase has been on the British home improvement scene since 1979. From a single store in Croydon, Homebase has grown to be one of the U.K.'s biggest home enhancement retail chains. Formerly part owned by Sainsbury's, Homebase is now a part of the Home Retail Group. In more recent years, the chain has expanded beyond its comprehensive outdoor and indoor… read more about Homebase


Comment by le 20/10/2016 (3)

Is this store still open? Nearest Homebase?

Comment by le 05/10/2016 (3)

This store has closed down.

Comment by le 20/09/2016 (1)

The staff are GREAT, they really are. Helpful and ever ready and willing to offer that help and assistance in whatever way you ask. However, as far as the products Homebase are selling are concerned?. Listen to this story. I moved into the area a couple of years ago and needed pretty much everything from curtain rails, to bedding through to grass seed. I started with the curtain rails. I bought brass ones for every room, a fair few quid all in all. I got them home and started to put them up (I spent 30 yrs in Engineering) I found it just about impossible to get a screw driver into the wall fittings to screw the bracket on to hang the brass rail. Considering the price and "Supposed" quality of the item. The design was absolutely garbage to the point of ridiculous and I should imagine there are people who have had them fall off the wall as a result. I needed four tree stumps removing from the back garden and decided to buy a Qualcast petrol chain saw for around £89 I think it was. I got the first one home and the chain came off and jammed in the guard after around a minute (Yes, it was tensioned properly) Then the oil pump on it was obviously not working and the chain had blunted in around 3 minutes (No I am not joking). I took it back and as I said, the staff are great and immediately changed it for me and the bloke actually took it into the back and tried it, then came back out and confirmed I was right. I took the replacement home and began again, everything went well for about three minutes (Really) when the chain blunted AGAIN and was burning the wood black rather than cutting it. I returned to Homebase to find that not only where the replacement chains over 16 Quid a pop, but they did not have any in stock, where not expecting any into the store, or any of their sister stores and did not know where I could go to buy a new chain !!! SO, they took a chain off a display Qualcast chain saw and I bought that and left my old one on the display model. The shop assistant was good enough to put it on for me. SO ... Again, I took it home, not very happy in all honesty and tried again, in all sincerity, after around 5 minutes this chain was also blunt. Now, I know what you are thinking, you are thinking that this was some sort of "Super Wood" that is really hard aren't you and it wasn't the chain at all ! Well ..... I gave up on the chain saw as I could not afford the 2,000 quid that it would have cost me in replacement chains and phoned up a tree surgeon who came around with a chain saw and GUESS WHAT, his chainsaw went through it like butter in a matter of around ten minutes OR LESS each stump WITHOUT CHANGING THE BLADE and it was still good to go on another job, it was no bigger than the Qualcast he then brought in a stump grinder in and it took him another hour to get rid of everything else, roots and all. Cost me 300 quid extra. Sorry I bought it and ended up giving it, the Qualcast, away in disgust. Complete Waste Of £89 or whatever it was. Then, after deciding to get the front garden done and re seeded. I bought grass seed from Homebase, Homebase's own grass seed. sewed it and then I waited the relevant amount of time for it to grow, a lot of it did not come up, so I bought some more seed with the same result and then had to bu more seed. Again, I know what you are thinking, there was something wrong with the soil beneath ? Actually NO ?, I bought the undersoil from Homebase as well ! Again waiting for the grass to take root, grow and be ready for it's first cut. I then needed a lawn mower and went back to Homebase (Yes In spite of everything) I bought a Flymo Easi Glyde 300 for around 74 or something quid. After giving up on trying to figure out how to get the handle on the actual mower stable, if it could be at all. It has completely ruined the lawn I have laid, it has pulled the grass, miss cut bits as I was mowing and all in all, made a right mess of it. Just finished it now, hence this review. I would have been better of waiting for a rainy day and organising a rugby sevens match on it for all the good it has done. I have spent, just off the top of my head, since I have been here around, or at least 1000 quid in Homebase and whilst the staff could not be better and more helpful and they really are. Some of the stuff they are selling as an outlet for the maker, leaves AN AWFUL LOT to be desired and it can only be down to the management of Homebase who are quite obviously not checking the quality of the products they are selling on behalf of the customers they are in turn selling them to.

Comment by le 25/11/2015 (5)

I visited your shop today and would like to let you know, I was very impressed with the staff that served me. I was in the tools section, when I was approached by a man asking if he could help. I explained I was looking for something to tighten the bolt on my kitchen sink tap. He knew immediately what I would need and took me to the plumbing section and found the tool. He very helpfully explained what I would need to do and how to use it. Unfortunately, I didn't get his name but he said he was either a plumber by trade or had plumbing experience. The lady, (again unfortunately, I didn't get her name) who served me at the till, was very friendly and chatty with both me, and the man in front. They are both a credit to your company and deserve recognition for their customer service and professionalism. My receipt has the time of 10:18 and there was only one till in operation at the time, if that could help identify either of the members of staff.
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  • Latitude : 54.803477
  • Longitude : -1.590907

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