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Aldi in Canterbury

Address & Contacts

St. Andrew's Close
CT2 Canterbury
No way to contact registered for this store.

Opening Times

Monday 08.00 - 21.00
Tuesday 08.00 - 21.00
Wednesday 08.00 - 21.00
Thursday 08.00 - 21.00
Friday 08.00 - 21.00
Saturday 08.00 - 21.00
Sunday 10.00 - 16.00

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The roots of the Aldi chain can be traced back to 1913 - a small store called ‘Albrecht’ in Germany. As the chain developed, the company eventually split in two, with brothers Theo and Karl Albrecht operating their own versions of Aldi in North and South Germany. Since the split in 1966, ‘Aldi Markt’ and ‘Aldi Sud’ have been legally… read more about Aldi


Comment by le 26/09/2014 (1)

Great place to shop, two of us go over from Herne bay every week end, we between my partner and myself we spend over £180 at an average. The excitement comes a week or two later when you receive through the post a parking fined for £70 for staying 15mins over the 1.5 hours your a load to shop their store!!! On a Saturdays your expected to put on a pair of roller skates and get out the store as quickly as possible missing all the store fork lifts restocking units blocking the gang ways at least six, with kids running wild including many trollies blocking your way, great fun WHEN BOTH OF US ARE OVER 70!!! ONE POUND FINE FOR EVERY YEAR, THANK YOU ALDI!! CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!!!!!

Comment by le 17/05/2014 (1)

You need to train your staff to have better customer service! I know it's aldi not waitrose but I do not expect to be rushed with the little amount of time you give me to pack my bags!! It's very disappointing I buy so much much from aldi bring my own bags and the checkout is what fails you absolute rubbish especially the younger staff I've only been treated with respect ONCE from this elder women who took time to inspect that one of my eggs were cracked ...

Comment by le 28/02/2014 (3)

I am always pleased with all that I buy from Aldi. Today I did some shopping there at 14.39 and was charged for something that I did not buy. I will be able to come into the shop on Sunday to discuss this

Comment by le 04/07/2013 (3)

what is your phone number

Comment by le 01/04/2017 (1)

Another parking fine for £70 having spent £160 in your store and gone over by ten minutes. How can you treat your costumers so badly ?? You have lost a good regular customer Aldi. Lidl's car-park is FREE

Comment by le 11/12/2016 (2)

I have suggested many times that this branch should set up an express check out. This is not a shop that you want to nip into to buy a bottle of milk of wine. Shoppers at Aldi seem mainly to buy in bulk and the queues are horrendous. Pleas open a quick serve till so that those of us in a hurry can still shop at Aldi. I have also pointed out that the lazy people of Bingley Court, the flats next door, take Aldi shopping trolleys home and leave them in the complex of flats. I have asked that members of Aldi staff wander around Bingley now and then to collect trolleys. I once saw five Aldi trolleys in the nearby River Stour, tragic!

Comment by le 25/11/2016 (3)

you could publish phone number for those who have to possible waste a journey of 10 - 15 miles to nearest store. eg. i went to Dover store only to find they were out of stock. I could have phoned Canterbury to find if they also were out of sock... but no number

Comment by le 05/05/2016 (2)

Once again I was overcharged for my shopping in this store. I was charged 90p for two red peppers which I did not have. How she picked those to charge me for goodness knows. I have been over charged several times and haven't bothered as they were only small amounts but this is happening too often now. Why can't I just phone them up and complain. I will not be going into aldi now until next Thursday as I am disabled and can only go once a week. I am very pleased with the staff and your products but feel your cashiers need a s Hat . I know we all make mistakes but this is nearly ever week on one or mo items. The most frustrating thing is not being able to get in touch with the store unless I go all the way back to the shop again. Really upset customer.

Comment by le 26/04/2016 (1)

Dear Sir/Madam, I happened to visit Aldi this morning in an effort to purchase a toaster/oven. I noticed that the pot plants were in need of water as they looked like they were dying. I approached an Assistant Manager in a kindly manner (no intention of being offensive at all) and said "such a shame that the plants seem to be dying, I think they need watering". Instead of a managerial response such as "thank you for bringing it to my attention, I will look into it", I got blasted with defenses that the plants get watered every day. I wasn't even pointing a finger, just trying to be kind and bring attention to the pot plants. I felt sad that I got that response. I was in no wise trying to offend or accuse. I also feel that it is a wastage to be honest. So many pot plants are dying regardless that they are watered by a young lady. I have even passed by one evening after closing time and the plants were still outside. Not sure what else to say. It's a sad day when one cannot even mention anything without the other being offended and defensive. What a waste of plants. Oh Well. :(

Comment by le 18/04/2016 (5)


Comment by le 04/12/2015 (4)

Very pleased with my shopping experience except when I checked the receipt when back home,I discovered that I was charged for my box of clementines twice,it was £2.19 and it wasn't worth driving back to claim it,next time I will be checking my receipt in the store before leaving,on a positive side I got the bird feeder in a reduced price,which made up for my loss.

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  • Longitude : 1.0789089

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