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Aldi in West Kirby

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Bridge Road

CH48 West Kirby
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Comment by le 01/04/2015 (1)

I've done my shopping which only took me half an hour saved a bit if money but have ended up costing me more coz I got a parking fine for parking in there car park

Comment by le 26/03/2015 (1)

I have been shopping in Aldi in New Ferry for the last eight or nine years and am very happy to shop there. I look forward to the weekly special buys. I previously used to shop in Asda, Bromborough. I have just been to Aldi today and spent £85.54, my average spend per week is usually about £75. When I returned home my son showed me a PC from 'parking eye' because he parked in your West Kirby store for 42 minutes while he got some shopping for me. It states that the authorised free stay is 0 hour 0 minutes. We have just found out that you have to put your reg. No. Into a machine. Why? He did not see this machine, we do not have parking time limits in New Ferry. He has been in touch with your customer services and they want to see his receipt. He does not have this. Who keeps a receipt for general food shopping, especially for three weeks? I am very annoyed about this and will now return to spending my £75 by shopping back in Asda unless his PC is cancelled. I am not rating this store any stars because of your connection with 'parking eye'.

Comment by le 18/03/2015 (5)

Just received a fine in the post, it's ridiculous you get fined for parking to shop at aldi. Will not be visiting again

Comment by le 14/03/2015 (1)

I was shocked to be fined £40 for spending only 50mins in the West Kirby Aldi car park. I had spent £30 in Aldi , my food shop ended up COSTING £70. On my frequent visits to West Kirby I WILL ONLY BE SHOPPING IN MORRISONS in future. I considered challenging the fine as I have proof of shopping in Aldi on the 28 February 2015, but do not have time to waste proving a point. THE ANSWER FOR ME IS NOT TO SHOP IN ANY ALDI STORES, AND BE A VICTIM OF PARKING EYE AGAIN.

Comment by le 05/02/2015 (1)

I'm DISGUSTED after spending my money in your shop and then getting landed with a £70 parking fine - what a stupid system which I didnt even see - I will not be returning - FAR more expensive than any where else...... just add £70 to your bill ...NO THANKS

Comment by le 02/12/2017 (1)

Went to aid store in west Kirby and did the shopping just by luck read the parking sign saying you had to registere your car registration. No other indication went back in to store saw a sign on floor indicating same. Ask staff and they indicating the computer were at the end on customers packing area.. As we normally go to other aldi stores I now think its time to change to another supermarket. Please make a better sign as you go in to tell real customers this is the procedure.

Comment by le 15/12/2014 (1)

My wife and I have only used your store in West Kirby once on 07-12-14 we were parked whilst shopping in your store for 34 minutes and I have today received a parking fine for £70-00 from ParkingEye. With this in mind we will not be returning as it cheaper to go to Upton and shop at Sainsbury as we normally do.

Comment by le 07/11/2014 (3)

If Aldi own the land then the renting out of its car park is an absolute scandal. I will not be paying the fine I just received for spending 33 minutes shopping in Aldi. The letter I got from parking eye will remain on my desk along with my bank statement until they take me to court. It is disgusting that other Aldi Stores still operate on the free 60 - 90 minute parking without having to physically put your reg number into some fan dangled system that they have thought up just so they can justify their reasons to fine you. Good luck Aldi, you've just lost another customer in West Kirby for your stupid approach to your customers.

Comment by le 30/08/2014 (3)

The shop is ok but the parking restrictions are terrible We just got a parking fine from the south London gangsters you employ to enforcer it. We were parked for 31 minutes have a receipt for the time there and we put our number into the machine. The only thing I can think of is we mis keyed the registration. I expect we well have justice in the end but don't you think that it's bad for business that I have had to spend my time having to appeal . I would rather shop elsewhere than have the very real chance of it happening again. Untill you get rid of this silly system we will not be shopping there.

Comment by le 07/07/2014 (3)

Hello Aldi, I am very pleased overall with your store, it's prices etc. However I cannot believe you are going to require every customer to enter their number plate when they arrive and leave the store. I understand you must be getting people parking and then going elsewhere, but why can't you do the same as Sainsbury's in Upton who have a machine which notes the number of every car that enters and leaves and if anyone is there over the allowed time, then they are subjected to a fine - fair enough. You, however, are going about it the wrong way. There are many people with problems , like awkward children, poor memories, are upset etc, who may not remember to enter their number when they arrive or leave, or perhaps make a mistake and have a massive fine slapped on them. Please don't do this - do what Sainsbury's have done or I believe you will lose customers because of it.

Comment by le 14/03/2014 (4)

I am a regular customer of Aldi stores. I live in Great Sutton and usually shop in Ellesmere Port and Chester. On 28.2.2014 we took our Canadian visitors to West Kirby to look round and also to go into your Aldi store. We unfortunately did not see the signs limiting our stay to 1 hour 30 minutes and have now received a Parking Charge Notice for £70 - £40 if paid before 19.3.2014. We overstayed our time apparently by just under 30 minutes. We did come into your shop and have a receipt for items purchased. We have appealed to ParkingEye, but would ask you please if you could intervene on our behalf. We apologise for the error.

Comment by le 21/05/2015 (1)

Taken completely by surprise to receive a 'fine' for shopping in Aldi in West Kirby,where I HAVENT VISITED before.Had no idea the car park was run by that aggressive extorter of money,Parking Eye.Stayed for 50 minutes and of course the car park was half empty.Week later,the 'fine' arrives.Have I got a receipt for the shopping I bought in Aldi using cash?Of course not.I didnt expect being stung for £40 or I would certainly have kept it.Needless to say,I will NEVER shop at Aldi,West Kirby again.MORRISONS here I come.

Comment by le 15/07/2017 (1)

you can get a bargain in the shop then a £70 fine for parking on the way out Award-Winning Aldi don't think so

Comment by le 15/07/2017 (1)

you can get a bargain in the store then a £70 parking fine for parking in the car park Award-Winning Aldi DON'T THINK SO

Comment by le 21/12/2016 (1)

This opinion forum is for the varied comments to do with this store yet EVERY single comment is to do with that criminal parking company extorting so called fines from its loyal customers. Parking eye or whatever they call themselves is a scandalous group of bully boys who devise ways to steal money from Aldi's customers and the worrying thing is that Aldi allows this to happen. By the number of comments on this forum, it appears that this car park is a great money earner for this group and I'm almost certain that Aldi themselves have their hands in this lucrative pot, although, of course, they will deny this. I would love this scandal to be broadcast via social networks and newspapers so that a mass boycott of this shop can take place until the day comes when Aldi kicks Parking eye into touch.

Comment by le 15/06/2015 (3)

I have today received a parking fine of £70 for 7th June 2015 for a 31 minute stay while I spent over £30 in the store. We are not resident in West Kirby and it was just by chance we saw the bay trees for sale. As far as we were aware it was the car park to the store and there was no indication that it was pay and display or that it wasn't part of the Aldi store. So my opinion of Aldi is very poor customer services.

Comment by le 15/06/2015 (1)

Absolutely outrageous to be fined £70 for parking in a car park for 31 minutes while you are actually in the store spending money. There was no obvious indication that this was not the same as other Aldi store car parks we use in North Wales where you have 2 hrs to shop.

Comment by le 25/07/2015 (1)

We parked in what we think is Aldi car park , we where in the shop for 28 mins and have now recieved a parking charge from Parking Eye for £70 stating that the maximum stay authorised is 0 hours 0 minutes WHAT IS GOING ON ???

Comment by le 07/09/2015 (1)

Did my shopping in Aldi West Kirby a week last Sunday and parked for 21 minutes. Have shopped there on numerous occasions and never knew about having to enter Car Registration into a Machine apparently as you enter the shop and this morning received a Parking Charge Notice of £70 which £40 if paid within fourteen days. This is utterly ridiculous and it would be better if allowed to park for say 90 minutes and then an automatic fine issued. Also it would have been nicer if first letter was a warning with information provided about how to go about placing Reg into Machine. Will not be using Aldi West Kirby again and hopefully Aldi will not be voted Best Supermarket again.

Comment by le 30/12/2015 (1)

The parking arrangements at this store are not user friendly and exposes vulnerably and elderly to financial abuse. The fines equate up to 50% of a basic state pension and allowances. This is a travesty of a humane society to place penalties on parking arrangements for customers, who have no convenient alternative parking arrangements. No point shopping at ALDI West Kirby to save money, when the parking fines exceed the savings. Needless to say "FIRST AND LAST TIME AT ALDI" Your gender request is discriminatory and inflexible.

Comment by le 24/12/2015 (1)

What a horrible Christmas Eve shock! I've just received a parking fine of £70 plus admin fee for parking in Aldi at West Kirby for a few minutes on 07.12.15. Who knew you had to register your car registration number or even keep your receipt in case of such silly bureaucracy? I doubt many people stop to read the fine print on the sign. I won't be shopping here again. What a pity that an otherwise good store should treat its customers like this ????

Comment by le 22/12/2015 (1)

As a family we will never shop at Aldi again. My wife usually shops at Aldi in Prenton where parking is free for enough time it takes to perform a reasonable shop. On the eighth of December this year (2015) she was in West Kirby and needing some tangerines she she entered the car park, parked, bought the tangerines, exited the Store and left the car park. Total time taken, twenty minutes most of which was spent waiting at the checkout. On the twenty second of December she received a parking notice for Forty Pound penalty. Tangerines £1 parking £40. If Aldi wanted a way to deter shoppers from using Aldi they have found it. All other super markets in the Wirral allow customers FREE parting when shopping. Unfortunately I can only cancel four of the gold stars below. As I have stated we have shopped our last shop at Aldi, you are far too expensive. NO STARS. PS. We are in the U.K. Not the U.S.A. WE have POST CODES not ZIP CODES.

Comment by le 30/11/2015 (1)

Oh dear my husband nipped in to aldi spent over fifty quid, we do not usually go to west kirby, 36 mins total, he didn't even understand what you had to do, would've gladly paid and displayed but this is totally different system, Until parking eye is removed my family and i will not be frequenting aldi again, shame really as enjoy the offers, Maybe reconsider your parking eye to an alternative pay and display, keep your customers happy rather than getting their backs up

Comment by le 30/11/2015 (1)

Car parking stinks at aldi west kirby

Comment by le 16/11/2015 (1)

Just received my parking fine from Aldi, West Kirby. Why do they wait 10 days before sending out the fine?????? Normally I wouldn't have had the receipt after 10 days but I was doing a charity event and needed to keep the receipt. I can understand why Aldi had to implement this system when The Open was on but not in November. Another customer lost Aldi. I'd never set foot in there again.

Comment by le 30/10/2015 (5)

Excellent products ,excellent staff and a supermarket that is run most efficiently. I would not shop anywhere else now.

Comment by le 25/03/2018 (1)

You made the paper guys..

Comment by le 31/12/2018 (1)

The advice that you have to register youir car when you first arrive if you are parking is misleading. It is placed as you leave rather than enter the store and so seems to suggest that parking may be extended because you have been a customer. That seemed generous and helpful at Christmas . Back home in Herfordshire we have one and a half hours of free parking as customers . This West Kirby alternative seems to be a deliberate piece of miss-information on the part of Parking Eye and is a deterant to shoppers in an otherwise typically good Aldi experience. . There seem to be a lot of us who are not properly informed about the Parking Eye Scheme. Maybe a reassessment of the contract might be beneficial. Meanwhile I shall spread the news of Aldis lack of goodwill to the folks back home where we will soon have three Aldi stores all with with free parking. Any parking rip-offs are quickly unmasked in our local press. Pity you dont have any contact number for this store so I could let you know what I think of this scheme directly. .

Comment by le 13/01/2019 (1)

Parked in the parking lot, did my shopping but didn't see the box to put in your car registration (pretty amusing that this is necessary given they have camera's to identify cars coming in and out). Got hit with a 70 pound fine. Won't be going back.

Comment by le 04/05/2019 (1)

My wife did some shopping for the first time at Aldi West Kirby and did not see the requirement to enter her registration. Lo and behold a £70 fine turns in the post a few days later. As she paid cash she has no evidence that she purchased anything. Why would anyone shop at this store when Aldi have no regard for their customers. We will NEVER return and we will ensure that all of our friends are made aware of your rip off parking procedures.

Comment by le 11/05/2019 (3)

Like several others here, I went there expecting it to be like other branches, was ripped off over parking and will never shop at ALDI again. Only went in to look at the special offers and there was nothing I wanted, so what evidence do I have? Recommendation: DO NOT GO THERE.
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