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John Lewis in Chester

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John Lewis
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Unit 3
Greyhound Retail Park
Greyhound Road

CH1 Chester
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Comment by le 13/01/2015 (1)

went to buy a new Sony tv, Monday &Tuesday morning, but it seems you cant buy one as there is never anyone there to serve you, did the same last week, same thing so I suppose it will have to be currys shame really as I have several large items bought from john lewis

Comment by le 26/11/2017 (5)

Been in there today for a quick browse and a coffee with cake I think the staff are all helpful and friendly as I lost my daughter's blanket and they were very helpful finding it for me we go in John Lewis often as we like the products in there aswell so can't fault it I'm also very grateful that they found my daughter's blanket for me so thank you ????????????

Comment by le 08/09/2014 (1)

Quite dreadful cafe! Ate there Saturday last, just after 2pm. Selection reduced to Ham and Cheese toastie which when they came were literally cheapest white bread and spam-like ham? Plonked in front of us, no salad, curling edges. All at £4.55 each! it had been a transport cafe you would have been disappointed. Would have complained there and then if could have found staff. Put up and left.

Comment by le 01/02/2014 (5)

I received exceptional service from the computer helpline yesterday when I was unable to set up my new printer. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the young man . He spent well over an hour on the phone as we kept encountering difficulties and never once did he make me feel foolish (which I undoubtedly am in relation to technology!) or that it was taking too long. Because I was concerned that he was going to miss his lunch, he told me when he was due to clock off for the day, and it was only afterwards that I realised he had given me ten minutes of his own time. I would love him to know how grateful I am, and that I have used the printer successfully without any help!!

Comment by le 23/06/2013 (3)

To: Customer Services Manager I have been attempting to communicate with John Lewis since 2pm today. It is now 4.15. I have been unable to find an email address which would relate to my complaint. I have now been waiting for 5 minutes having called the above tel no. 01244 393800. I am sincerely hoping I will receive some form of satisfactory response from this communication - which I am sending to you at the Greyhound Park because you are my closest store. I am 66 years old and have been a loyal customer of John Lewis (and George Henry Lee before John Lewis) since 1965. Since 1965, I have been a GHLee/John Lewis Account Holder for several years. I have never before experienced the lack of service I have encountered today. I attempted to place an online order at 2pm. I spent a considerable amount of time repeatedly trying to input a change of email address, thinking I was doing something wrong. I then phoned your help line to be told that the c.s.dept had experienced a number of similar calls today and was advised that they were experiencing problems with the website. I again went to close my order when lo and behold, I was unable to input the gift token numbers. Message appearing: Your gift vouchers have expired or have already been redeemed. I once again made several further attempts - in case I had incorrectly inputted numbers - but still the same message. I phoned the c.s. number again and, surprisingly, was told that the dept had received several enquiries of this nature concerning gift vouchers and that it appears there was a problem with the website. The Indian gentlemen then suggested he placed the order for me. I then experienced the most frustrating hour of online ordering ever! He was going from one disaster to the next and at one stage even asked if Chester was in England. He said his Upline Manager was not there today so he would ask someone else to call me tomorrow. But could he take , yet again, more details. I apologised and said I had no intention of spending any more time and would be grateful if he passed all my order details and gift token numbers, correct email address to the person going to call me, so my time would be minimal. He said that would not be possible. I would have to start the order process all over again. TOTALL UNACCEPTABLE. I DO NOT HAVE THE WILL TO GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN. Please advise how I am to be compensated for this total lack of professionalism and service from a store which I have always held in the most highest regard. Please ensure that it is noted that my complaint is not against your store, but you happen to be nearest store. Thankyou. Josephine Hayward, Moses Cottage, Tre Mostyn HOLYWELL, Flintshire CH8 9AW 01745 561310. Email: Having selected two items in your clearance sale I

Comment by le 13/07/2016 (1)

Terrible service yesterday evening, chose a couple of items that needed to be brought out of warehouse, granted it was 15 mins from closing, but were told items were out of stock - even though the cards you take to the till were available!? No offer to order them, and staff clearly couldn't be bothered. Won't be returning

Comment by le 02/07/2016 (3)

I think your customer service is amongst the worst organisation I have ever experienced when things don't go to plan. Centralised services in Manchester, inability to contact the Chester store directly, Nobody able to take simple positive action. Everything seems to need a complaint to be raised. When I did eventually find a way to contact the store directly I was able to get a Dept Manager to take personal responsibility to investigate. It is in no way encouraging loyalty to John Lewis. In conclusion good customer focussed store people in Chester. Very poor customer focus by some of the people in Manchester. If only they could replay their conversations they may just reflect on how poor they are.

Comment by le 25/09/2015 (3)

Ordered a TV and paid for at Chester store on Monday 21/09/2015, promised delivery Friday 25th or Monday 28th still not heard anything 11ish Friday, contacted store, kept waiting on phone for 12 minutes before being informed the delivery firm will contact me in two hours with date. The John Lewis which I have always held in high regard has certainly slipped from the top spot with promises of first class service.
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