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Debenhams in Chester

Address & Contacts

34-40 Eastgate Row,
CH1 Chester

Opening Times

Monday 09.30 - 17.30
Tuesday 09.30 - 17.30
Wednesday 09.30 - 17.30
Thursday 09.30 - 18.00
Friday 09.30 - 18.00
Saturday 09.00 - 18.00
Sunday 10.00 - 18.00

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Comment by le 05/03/2015 (1)

After looking on the Selfridges Website 4.3.15. I drove into Chester from Shropshire to look at a new eye shadow palette of YSL priced at £49. I found it on display, I was trying to assess whether it was suitable for someone of my age when an assistant appeared and started bombarding me with other YSL products! I wandered off (eventually) and looked at a few others. When the area was safe for me to return (free of annoying SA) I then bumped into another younger woman (YSL) and a friend (Clinique) looking at their teeth in a mirror above the product. Knowing she had seen me earlier, I asked if she thought the palette was over sparkly? She looked as though I had fallen out of the sky, widened her eyes, as if she were speaking to an idiot, and shouted, 'pardon'. I repeated my question, in the same tone of voice that she had used, she then suddenly changed her tone. She asked if I would like to look at it, but I said, 'NO' It was 17.25 I was about to buy it, but decided to wait and order it from either John Lewis or Selfridges. I never go into this store as it is too depressing. The staff are generally rude and either pushy or disinterested. Horrible experience, will not be going into this store ever again. No stars actually, but the site will not allow me to do that

Comment by le 05/03/2015 (1)

Needs pulling down, and a new store replacing it. Debenham's is not good enough for Chester. Need John Lewis or Selfridges. Horrible depressing place, with horrible depressing staff. Chester needs something much better!

Comment by le 05/02/2015 (1)

I was on the phone for 8 minutes 42 seconds before anyone answered the phone. Someone with an extremely broad accent[possibly German??] then tried to ask what I wanted. I told him that I wanted to speak to your store in Chester to see whether they had a pan in stock which is advertised on your website. I got through to Chester and gave your staff member the exact description of the pan from your website including the price and size. Your colleague then asked me what the original price of the pan was!!! How on earth would I know that, and how can it be relevant? She then asked me for its stock code!! How many pans by the same manufacturer, with the same name and size are you likely to sell? Eventually she said she would look for the product and after spending 12 minutes and 45 seconds on the phone I got an answer to a pretty straightforward question. Do you think this was acceptable? S Maddox

Comment by le 18/01/2015 (5)

We purchased a bjorn Recliner chair and matching stool this item was ordered and delivered on time within a week .The only problem was that when we came to erect the stool there were brackets that hold the legs on were missing I rang customer care to be told that the dont have spares of this nature and i would of had to send the whole items back not very good when i had already assembled the chair so i rang my local store spoke to a lovely lady by the name of MIA (sorry not got surname) she went to the trouble to find me a shop soiled stool that had all the fittings that were missing needless to say i am very gratefull to this lady she is a credit to her employers that s what i call customer satisfaction thankyou DEBENHAMS OF CHESTER

Comment by le 17/12/2017 (1)

awful customer telephone service,some sales staff obnoxious ,items incorrectly priced,non discounted items mixed with discounted ones,only find out after you have queued at till, whole store needs a good shake up

Comment by le 22/11/2017 (5)

I was in the boot department of Debenhams yesterday with my daughter and was served by Zara. She is new to the job but oh my word what a lovely girl. She couldn't do enough to help us,finding what we were looking for,giving helpful comments and advice and all with patience and a very pleasant manner. We were extremely impressed with her and hope she does well. With her help ended up buying two pairs of boots. Please pass this message on. Thanking you. Two very satisfied customers.

Comment by le 10/11/2014 (3)

Having to pay to telephone a local store is completely wrong. The 0844 number should not apply, and I feel I am kept on hold, as the longer the phone call takes the more money the store makes.

Comment by le 15/08/2017 (1)

Fed up of waiting to speak to a real person, awful music instead, will not be shopping here

Comment by le 28/07/2013 (3)

Saturdays daily mail had a red crochet dress by oasis £40 I would like to order

Comment by le 29/04/2015 (3)

Tried to telephone Chester and the new Cheshire Oaks store today to check on the stock of an item. On both occasions I went through their Auto phone procedure, but had to give up after 5 mins on each occasion. The fact they have the cheek to use 0844 numbers for people wanting to buy sums up this store groups attitude. Gave up , phoned John Lewis, Liverpool , through and dealt with in 1 minute on a non premium line. Item ordered from John Lewis. Do not pay charges for the non pleasure of phoning Debenhams !

Comment by le 29/05/2015 (1)

I find it amazing in this day and age that to obtain a particular garment from the Chester store I cannot do so without actually going there. The store, Chester, is so inconvenient and to travel there on the off-chance is just too much.

Comment by le 05/08/2015 (1)

Not impressed with wait on phone. Returned home to realise five items missing from my bag and tried ringing to inform staff. Three attempts over 30 mins wait to realise the store is not open. Why have I been kept waiting for that long?

Comment by le 02/04/2016 (1)

I hate this store and never go in for a number of years. sadly I am having to go because we have had some gift vouchers. When this store WAS Browns of Chester it was beautiful classy and plush. Now it is hollow and Lino everywhere, I find it claustrophobic. Behind all the false boarding and the escalator there are beautiful ceilings and stained glass dome and Windows. The developers should have made more of the natural features and kept it different. How they got planning permission for the escalator is beyond me the building, as I understood it was protected. As for customer service I have not found one and came home.

Comment by le 05/03/2016 (3)

Give out local store number and answer the phone Appalling service

Comment by le 31/10/2015 (1)

I went to this store to get my bra size measured as I recently have had a baby, when I got there I was completely ignored by staff they were to interested in catching up on each others gossip, anyway I finally got measured, the woman who did it only measured my rib cage then asked me what cup size I am in now I replied dd but it's too small so she suggested a c cup? Anyway to cut a long story short she told me I was a 34dd and that was it. The service was absolutely shocking and I went to debenhams in Warrington and found that I was actually 32e how wrong can some one be. Ladies do not go there bras are a nightmare as it is without having somebody measuring you wrong!!!!! Debenhams get some properly trained staff!!!!!!
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  • Longitude : -2.8905068

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