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HMV in Cardiff

Address & Contacts

Unit 4
53-57 Queens Street

CF10 Cardiff

Opening Times

Monday 08.30 - 18.00
Tuesday 09.00 - 18.00
Wednesday 09.00 - 18.00
Thursday 09.00 - 20.00
Friday 09.00 - 18.00
Saturday 08.30 - 18.00
Sunday 11.00 - 17.00

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HMV is a popular media company in the UK specialising in entertainment retail. It was founded in London in 1921, but now its headquarters are based in Maidenhead and Berkshire. The company takes their name from “His Master’s Voice”, a painting by Francis Barraud whose dog staring into a gramophone is still used as their logo today. The store accounts… read more about HMV


Comment by le 08/03/2015 (1)

Appalling customer service!! I bought five items from HMV Cardiff yesterday, the shop assistant put all of my items into a carrier bag, I paid and left the store. When I got home and went into my bag I found that two of the cds that I bought were not there! As I live around 25 miles from Cardiff it wasn't as if I could just pop back there and the store had closed by that time anyway. I have been trying to get in touch with them since 11.00 this morning but nobody will answer the damn phone! What on earth is the point of providing a telephone number when nobody is going to answer! This is beyond frustrating, I am never shopping in HMV ever again! I would have thought that a huge company like this that has come so close to closure in the last few years would have provided the best customer service around, obviously I am wrong! Very disappointed!!!

Comment by le 11/02/2015 (5)

As a long time music lover, and I mean, a long time what a pleasure to visit a store like the old days. We've all moved on to the Internet where any disc, lp etc can be sourced but an hour browsing HMV Oxfrord Street or Portobello Road was a treat not possible these days. Well done Cardiff any store that has Judee Sill, Harpers Bazaar, numerous now legal bootlegs, playing Diana Krall, a real eclectic variety in stock and helpful staff deserves a mention. Take a bow HMV Cardiff!!!

Comment by le 09/12/2014 (1)

I am not a happy custom I went into store today to buy some DVDs come home to find that one of the DVDs still had the security tag left on as i don't come to Cardiff that often i am very disappointed as now i can't watch it and not sure when will be back in for it to be taken off :(

Comment by le 07/12/2014 (1)

I telephoned the 084 number and pressed key 3 to speak to an assistant and received a recorded message to go to the web site. I went to the web site and there was no-one there!

Comment by le 30/12/2013 (1)

After three different tel numbers, one which was unobtainable still no one answers the phone.... Why advertise if no one going to ever answer!! Now may have to make unnecessary trip.

Comment by le 23/12/2013 (1)

Your shop was clearly open at 11.20am and you don't answer your phones. plus its rediculous that the number to call is a an 084 number for cardiff area wasting my money for no answer it's very rude and bad for custom. Brush up and pull you weight and have some manners to go with it.

Comment by le 23/12/2013 (1)

I just tried to ring you again and you picked up the phone and put it straight back down then i tried you again and you played music down the phone. I'm coming into the store and i WANT to see the manager. I wonder what will be said due to the lack of communication towards the public. I am well and truly annoyed with your lack of peoples skills. And o shall be shopping elsewhere in the future HMV can go under for all i care there's no wonder there was problems with the store when you treat people like this. WOULDN'T even give you a rating at all even 1 is to good for you

Comment by le 15/12/2013 (1)

Most disgusting customer service I have ever experienced, will not be shopping here again

Comment by le 20/06/2013 (1)

If you get paid till 8pm why don't you answer the phone at 752pm I needed to speak to someone urgent
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