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Apple Store in Solihull

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Apple Store
The Touchwood Centre

B91 Solihull
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Comment by le 07/04/2015 (3)

Broke my screen need to get it fixed

Comment by le 03/02/2015 (3)

Well it would be a start if you could speak to an actual person, rather than the automated voice which gives you limited options. I am now in a 10 minute queue to speak to Apple Care when they are not who I want - I just want to speak to someone for 2 minutes from the Retail shop. Very frustrating. You'd think with all their billions they would employ a few more real people.

Comment by le 15/12/2014 (3)

telephone call so frustrating when you just want to speak to someone for advice. In the end i put the phone down after 7.1/2 mins.morris

Comment by le 27/10/2014 (3)

I want to buy an unlocked Iphone 6, 64g or 128g. I currently have a contract with O2 and have an Iphone 4s so will need a new micro sim card for the Iphone 6. I am shortly travelling to Bali, Indonesia and will be there for approx 8 months, so its important that my new Iphone 6 is compatible with the networks in Indonesia and generally in South East Asia as well as the UK. Looking online it appears there are up to 6 models of the Iphone 6 so would appreciate our advice on the best model for my purposes? I have tried calling you today but just get put on hold for 'ever'. I'm hoping to come in and collect a new phone this Wednesday. Can you please contact me asap. many thanks.

Comment by le 10/10/2014 (3)

the phone number is incorrect

Comment by le 08/10/2014 (3)

Very poor communication via phone or Internet,especially when the computer who "speaks" to you only asks set. Questions which do not match your needs or circumstances e.g.when your computers down and it asks for information from your device ????

Comment by le 09/01/2014 (3)

my daurter has had i phone 5s for christmas been told to bring it to u but need to book appointment

Comment by le 28/03/2013 (2)

Why is it so difficult to contact your store. This is the only email address I can find to contact you on. I spent over an hour today waiting in a queue on the phone on two occasions and after waiting for such a long time when I do get to the front of the queue I was cut off every time. I purchased a mac computer from your store on Monday and I was told that you would email me a receipt as it was paid for in full at the time. As at 20.40pm I have still not received it. I have spoke to your head office as they are esier to contact and was told it can take unto a max of three days. I was then advised by them to phone you. Unfortunately this does not appear to be possible. Could you please forward me the invoice as soon as possible.

Comment by le 18/07/2013 (1)

Been trying to phone on there number on line, 0121 1300 no number exist, Please help is there another number I can use. thanks

Comment by le 01/12/2016 (1)

I went to your store and ordered a cover for my iPad. When I tried to collect it I was told I couldn't have it as I had no passport or driving license. Ava I served me. To allow me to have the cover I had to purchase it again. I was assured the original order was cancelled. I have just checked my account and there are two payments for this item. I am most disappointed. I have received a message from you saying order W507252115 is ready for me to collect. What is most annoying is I was not happy to pay again for the same item but was assured that would cause no problems. I hope you can resolve this matter and explain why this has happened please. Carolyn williams

Comment by le 18/11/2016 (3)

Well read all the comments and have an iPad Air. Have had lots of issues with apple. Have paid thru the nose for cover, even with currys , had o buy 2 new charger leads, battery not charged so currys sent it to repairs and wiped me clean. I think I will now buy a let but not from apple. Every shop wants to sell, not give customer service. Sad world we are coming to. Jane clarissa fletcher, Stratford on avon.

Comment by le 10/07/2015 (3)

Mis selling - sold us AppleCare plus on our new iPhone 6 on the basis of two replacements within 2 years if we damaged it only to discover an unmentioned ( in fact avoided ) £55 excess fee being applicable . Tried to say it was cost wise little different to buying an otter defender case which we had on our existing iPhone !!

Comment by le 05/08/2015 (1)

i purchased an Apple iPad about20 months ago from a shop in Worcester. It cost me just over £500From AT computers. In late June my iPad developed a fault, in so far as I was no longer able to charge it . I brought it into the Apple Store in touchwood where I was told that it had a fault with the charging port. I was told that it could not be repaired and that the only thing I could do was to take it back to the point of purchase. Since AT computer s had by then closed down , this option was not available to me.tthe advisor then said I could trade it in with an allowance of £98 towards a new one. I came home very upset. My son found me a firm on the net who repaired it for £50. Since then it has worked perfectly. Actually they we very honest and rang my son to tell him not to pay the £50 as the problem was simply fluff in the charging port. I have always heard good things about Apple but I think the advice I was given in your shop was appalling. Are you only concerned with selling and not interested in after care? When I compare the service I received from you with the service I received from Gamer tech you do not come out well.

Comment by le 07/09/2016 (2)

Tried to get help with a sharing issue. had the frustration of the automated response. Re-directed to support with a phone call to someone in South Africa who obviously wasn't understanding the issue. After taking to the guy in S. Africa for 1 1/2 hours he then said he would transfer me to someone else who was an expert with this problem. When transferred the guy introduced himself and then we were cut off. He called back but I couldn't hear him.I I gave up. Tried calling the store again to book a genius appointment but was directed to but they didn't show a genius option. Why can I not speak to someone at the store who can make the appointment? Very poor service. KT

Comment by le 07/07/2016 (3)

Very annoying that it is only an automated phone number and you cannot speak to anyone!

Comment by le 01/07/2016 (5)

I would just like to say a very big thank you to the little Asian girl with glasses(sorry,i did not catch your name) at the apple shop today Friday 1/7/2016.not only did she impress me with her technology knowledge she was a great ambassador for apple.. everyone that we approached in this store gave excellent customer service, but the young lady that we saw has left me with the impression to be an apple customer for quite a while. Well done you.

Comment by le 26/06/2016 (3)

Hi there i bought the ipad pro 5 months ago from internet value basket .com .my ipad pro has some problem its start giving a strange kind of noise all of sudden and then goes off. It is under one year apple warnty . please can you help me regarding this. Thank you very much.

Comment by le 15/02/2016 (3)

Just tried to ring Solihull store. Why can't I speak to a person for a simple enquirey? Agree with a previous comment. I don't want to speak to a computer but a real person. With all the profit available please give the shop a phone number and a person (or two!) to answer customer enquiries. Not too much to ask!!!

Comment by le 09/02/2016 (3)

Called this morning to seek advice/help with I Pad. My technology knowledge is nil. The staff were most pleasant, patient and very helpful and I was there for an hour and a half. A very customer orientated store with a high quality of customer care regardless of the customer's limited knowledge. Well done and thank you.

Comment by le 30/08/2015 (2)

All I want to do is book an appointment to come in.

Comment by le 22/12/2015 (3)

Please help. I came in yesterday to have a new screen and screen cover and all was good but you said you would email the bills but I have not received them. My name is Phil Humphreys and my email is Many thanks, Phil

Comment by le 27/11/2015 (3)

useless -all i wanted to do was cancel an appointment.i had to spend a long time on the phone to an auotomated voice to be finally transferred to the time i'd feel like just not turning up.

Comment by le 07/11/2018 (1)

Terrible service.I have waited on the phone for 7 mins to cancel an appointment for today.An automated service is crap and very stressfull. Get REAL PEOPLE TO ANSWER PHONE !!
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