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Aldi in Northfield

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860 Bristol Road South
B31 Northfield
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The roots of the Aldi chain can be traced back to 1913 - a small store called ‘Albrecht’ in Germany. As the chain developed, the company eventually split in two, with brothers Theo and Karl Albrecht operating their own versions of Aldi in North and South Germany. Since the split in 1966, ‘Aldi Markt’ and ‘Aldi Sud’ have been legally… read more about Aldi


Comment by le 15/03/2015 (3)

Was going to shop at Aldi on way to see my mother on Mothers Day. Wanted to buy all the food I need to cook a nice Sunday roast. KLP745683 having read all the issues with parking - not gonna risk it!

Comment by le 19/01/2015 (3)

I shopped in your store on the 9/1/15 I spent just ove £13.00 went to put my reg car in the machine the one was out of order the other one I put in j666j it would not let me put in other letters I have recived a letter today stating I have to pay £40.00. Or £70.00 I have wriitten to them explaining .

Comment by le 01/12/2017 (1)

I am a regular disabled shopper at Aldi in SHIRLEY and Maypole. In November I visited my daughter who lives in Northfield and took her to shop at Aldi in Northfield. I parked in a disabled spot for 48 mins knowing that I can park in other Aldi car parks for 45 mins, I thought Northfield would be the same as it's the same company. I certainly didn't see any signs about having to enter my reg number in the store. Today I received a fixed parking charge from Parking Eye for parking there for 48 minutes! It doesn't actually say why I received it only that the car park was clearly marked. Only when I went on line did I find out that Northfield branch operated a different system in entering my reg number on store entry. So as a regular Aldi user I ask why does Northfield operate a different system to others in the Midlands? Why wasn't there a sign by the disabled spot and why wasn't there an assistant inside saying "have you entered your reg number? " Very poor show Aldi. You have just lost a regular customer. At least it is free parking at TESCO's and Sainsburys

Comment by le 15/12/2014 (3)

Won't be using again went shopping entered my reg got parking fine sent through post now have to pay postage to appeal or ring them more money I waste should have gone sainsburys a joke the cheap tacky entered screen with peering eyes watching you is hard to get to on a busy Saturday afternoon in December . And it's not clearly sign post to say have u entered ur reg which I think is stupid sainsburys and euro car parks do same service but better . But in general it's a nice store with friendly staff shame about the con parking

Comment by le 02/12/2014 (1)

hi Got a parking ticket here. Even though I put my number into the machine. What I find amazing. is that someone sits and watches me leave my car and then photos me, then photos me again getting into my car, but didn't watch to see me enter the Aldi store. I don't use the store any more. I feel they are ripping me off just because they are a cheaper shop.

Comment by le 05/09/2017 (3)

Will never use the store the store again after incurring a parking notice!

Comment by le 12/05/2014 (3)

What do you expect It's north field

Comment by le 20/02/2014 (3)

Truly shocked by what i witnessed on Wednesday 19 Feb outside this awful shop. An elderly gentleman who was clearly drunk with mental health issues who is known in the area for being a nuisance was sitting on the window sill. He was being annoying, banging on the windows etc. The security guard grabbed him by his throat, pulled him around, pushed the man to the floor, ripping his coat in the process, whilst he continued to hold him round his throat, he was intimidating the man. The man was making rude comments toward the security guard. Another male (shopper) then got involved and threatened the man who was still on the ground. When questioned about what he was going to do about the security guard the Manager responded with ' well he was banging the window' he did nothing about the assault on the man. Police were called and the situation was taken over by them. Another female shopper had called the Police not the store, she was also horrified by what we saw. Disgraceful.

Comment by le 11/08/2013 (3)

ive used aldi for years useing this stores car park it says aldi customers free parking 1 half hours i was there 44 mins got a parking ticket throw the post when your in the store u are surpost to put your reg in a chep tattey computer monitor on the shelf were people pack there bags carnt get near it there are 2 but ones not working i will not be using aldis again lost a very loyal custemer just out to make money out of very busy custemers

Comment by le 07/10/2013 (3)

Sir/Madam SHOCKING!!! & DISGUSTED!!! A VERY VERY RUDE EXPERIENCE!!! We love to shop at ALDI BUT shopping UNDER DURESS & FEAR is a dreadful experience. WHY??? Because shopping has to be STRESS FREE and A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE. NOT THE TSUNAMI OF TERROR UNLEASHED BY PARKING EYE in the form of WARNING AND PAY UP DEMAND. Remember A HAPPY CUSTOMER IS A LOYAL CUSTOMER. FEAR & PANIC DRIVES AWAY CUSTOMERS. I shopped at ALDI as a guest/.a visitor bringing my valued custom to your door step preferring ALDI over others. What do I expect from ALDI? A thanks or a smile! Instead you get Parking Eye WRATH. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Please ALDI can you sincerely PUT YOUR HAND ACROSS YOUR HEART AND DO JUSTICE. Can you rest peacefully when your customers are FLEECED??? DO WE DESERVE THIS TREATMENT???? ALDI customers must park where the ALDI STORE has designated the precincts for the purpose of customer parking to conduct its business. Naturally ALDI customers will park here unaware of the LOOMING DANGER. Logically ALDI stores have the obligation and moral duty to protect their customers interest so that genuine customers are not harassed. Please ALDI I shopped at Northfield ALDI and I have my receipts as proof of my GENUINE CUSTOM. Thank You Please advise! MALI B

Comment by le 17/07/2017 (1)

Aldi are conning their customers there incahoots with parking eye to part people with their money where was the large notice In store warning the shopper to register. Their reg number, they have lost another customer.

Comment by le 24/06/2015 (1)

This is a WARNING for all Northfield ALDI customers using the car park. The car park is controlled by a dodgy parking company called 'Parking Eye', they use ANPR cameras to monitor the car park and any opportunity to pursue car users for make believe parking fines, ie, not registering your reg number/ overstay/ incorrect parking etc, they will send continual letters of harassment for 'fines', approx. £40, then increasing to £70 and court cases. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. If you do become a victim of the ALDI parking scam, then reply to parking eye, requesting a POPLA reference number, but do not give them ANY information or DO NOT PAY any 'fines' and also complain to ALDI about this unscrupulous con practice of these bully boy parking scam artists. ALDI really should not be using such a company to manage it car parks, if it cares about its customers. A quick google search for 'Aldi Parking Eye' will expose the dodgy practises of this company, yet until more customers complain to ALDI nothing is being done. AVOID THIS STORE UNTIL ALDI CHANGE THEIR PARKING POLICIES! AS THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!

Comment by le 29/06/2015 (1)

Parked,shopped, spent over £60, was well within 1.5 hour time limit, got a demand for £70 from Parking Eye. Complained t manager of Aldi - no reply.Do not shop at Aldi since they have decided to sleep with the disgusting company, Parking Eye.

Comment by le 24/07/2015 (2)

I am absolutely furious that my son popped into aldi last week for 34 mins and has now been sent a £40 /70 fine for incorrectly not printing a ticket with his registration number. He's a new driver and looking at all of the parking complains , I 'm surprised that aldi have not bother to ensure that clear instructions or assistance is provided to all car park users. Would appreciate comments from Aldi management team.

Comment by le 30/05/2016 (3)

absoloutely appauled. does not state what time the shop is open on a bank holiday. absoloute rubbish. stupid website.

Comment by le 29/04/2016 (5)

I just wonder if you can help i regular shop at your store. I was shocked to get a ticket to say i did not put my car registration in. I was in the shop for less that an hour. I always put my number in i never forget so wonder if you could intervene on my behalf. I have looked for the receipt but cannot locate it. From my bank statement and i was in the shop on the 19th April but ticked said it was the 18th April. This is very upsetting especially when i shop at this branch every week.

Comment by le 04/04/2016 (3)

I regularly shop at Aldi Stores in Birmingham where Parking Eye do not require registration input,I recently moved near Northfiled & decided I'd shop there at Aldi Birmingham,This was my first visit reading the sign to the entrance of Northfield car park it stated in large letters“1 ½ Hour Max Stay,For use by customers only”.it looks no different to their other car parks I reversed into a parking space walked across to collect a trolley, the walls to the store have no signs outside or inside otherwise I would have signed in! on a second visit to the store to see where all these warning signs are the only one I could find in the store was a movable sign on the floor as you leave the building! this could have been moved that day or vision blocked by other customers as they exit the store, as was the case on this 2nd visit, the sign at glance looks like a cleaning sign, There are no other signs inside regarding registration input at the tills or on the packing shelf where the terminals are placed. Given the consequences, the signs in the shop are inadequate! the tiny signs outside some distance away look just like their other car parks which are free why would I think this store should be any different! the minutiae signs of Parking Eye’s contractual terms in a car park at dusk 3rd Feb 2016 16.30 hrs. is near impossible, It is not right the consequences for insufficient signs is an aggressive demand from Parking Eye for £70. There are no terms or conditions displayed in the store for signing in your car registration No mention of the fact that if you do not input your registration Parking Eye will demand £70 from you.I've found since you need to crane your neck trying to read a sign nearly 3 metres up a pole.I am a genuine customer of Aldi, the sole reason for this car park is for their customers, I sent proof of shopping that day with the time corresponding on exit of the car park to Parking Eye. Regular customers who use their other car parks are caught in their trap

Comment by le 23/11/2015 (1)

Aldi Northfield parking is a con. Beware when shopping at this store. Just been fined £40 for not entering the registration of my car which is not clearly signposted. When I spoke to Aldi they want proof of purchase to show you are a loyal customer. Even receipts from friends and family will do just to prove that you shop at Aldi in order for them to intervene your parking charge. Their products are good no doubt but they need to sort out the parking issue.
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